Nenagh Summer League: Race 7 Report

summer-league-posterThis evening’s race didn’t exactly go to plan. A decent crowd turned up for the race but we didn’t get far before things were brought to a halt. In a first for the summer league, the N7 was blocked just after Birdhill due to a car which had just gone on fire. The fire brigades were spread across the road and there was nowhere for us to go. The 4 groups headed back to Birdhill to come up with a new plan.

At this stage, a few packed it in and headed for home. The triathletes got off their bikes and went for a run, while 4 smaller bunches made plans for a new race route. It was decided to cycle back towards O’Briens Bridge, Daly’s Cross, Birdhill. Smaller handicaps were given and we set off again.

The new route was tricky enough, with lumpy sections over towards O’Briens Bridge and some narrow roads. The rolling over was a little unorganised but that was to be expected on these types of road. Half way through the loop it became obvious that the new route was going to be too short for a proper workout so word was put out to increase the race to two laps.

This new plan was then ignored by the front 3 bunches with only John Gleeson man enough to join the scratch group for one last lap. Things really kicked off on this lap. Denis Allen was the main instigator of the moves out front. Himself and Dan Hogan got in a nice early break on the lap but they were reeled in before Daly’s Cross.

Denis and Dan, once again, found themselves out front on the downhill at Gooig and they were building a nice lead. Shane Scully broke out of the bunch with Con Kennedy on his wheel and he brought Con up to the break, before dropping back. The 3 lads out front pushed on. As the race edged towards Birdhill the group behind put a surge in to try to catch the break. The gap was closing quickly but as they all got onto the ramp there was much still to do to catch the lads ahead.

In another disaster for the day, Dan and Denis touched wheels half way up the ramp and that ended with Dan on the ground. At this stage everyone just pulled in to make sure Dan was ok so there were no winners on the night. Dan was a bit dazed and had to go get a few stitches but he is fine now.

So ya, that turned out to be a race to forget for different reasons. Apologies to everyone for this evening. Things will be back to normal next week! Thanks to our marshal for helping out.

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