Nenagh Summer League: Race 4 Report

This week’s league race saw the first breakaway win of the year. With the quality of rider in attendance you would think that breakaway wins would be more common but surprisingly the opposite can be the case. The racing can be a little negative with many of the bunch just content to reel back in break after break instead of trying to get in breaks of their own. It’s still great fun though trying to get away even if it is mission impossible, although if you can get a strong group of lads out front together they can stay away and that was proved today.

There were 3 groups on the road but a smaller scratch bunch than usual meant that the handicaps were reduced a little down to 0, 4 and 5.5. The weather on the evening was pretty cold so each group were eager to get started so as to warm-up. The shorter gap between the last 2 groups meant that they were within sight of each other early. The full gap was closed at the Yellowbridge on the way out to Nenagh. The scratch group didn’t want the pace to drop so they kept driving it through in pursuit of the first group up the road.

At the turn-around point it was clear that all 3 bunches would merge soon so it would be everyone for themselves once that happened. The chase pack caught group 1 at the nursing home and immediately an attack was put in by Denis Allen. He was joined by Peter Leahy, Mike Browne, Shane Scully and Matty Kennedy. This was a strong group and they started working together quickly. This made it hard for others to jump across. Plenty of riders tried but this first break would prove to be the winning break away of the day.



A chase group of Darren Dunne, Donnchadh Floyd, Ian O’Halloran and one other would tried to get across but they just couldn’t make it. They would be absorbed by the bunch and would have to try and work with that bunch to close the gap. Up ahead, the break were increasing their lead with each rider sharing the workload equally.

Coming down the hill before Birdhill, it was clear that they wouldn’t be caught. This was great for the 4 Nenagh CC riders in the break but not so great for Peter from Upperchurch. The plotting and scheming from the Nenagh CC lads was just underway when Peter put in a break to try to split the rest. This was a good move but he was closed down. From then until the finish in Birdhill he had to react to multiple breaks off the front. Most of them he closed down but turning onto the ramp towards the finish Mike and Shane had both managed to get up the road and Denis and Matty were able to go around Peter for a final 1,2,3,4 finish for Nenagh CC, with Mike 1st, Shane 2nd, Denis 3rd and Matty 4th.


Thanks to our marshals Bertie, John, Gary and Pat for helping out. Next week the marshals will be Matty Kennedy, Sinead Kennedy and Will Rymer. If any of ye have a problem making it then let us know early so we can find replacements.

Up Next: Nenagh Summer League Race 5 – next Thursday, May 4th.

Remains of the Bunch Finish Video

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