Nenagh Summer League: Race 3 Results

That certainly was a fine evening for some racing on the N7. Our Thursday evening race continues to grow with 36 entrants this week. That made for 3 big groups on the start line. Speeds during the race were very fast as usual and the final sprint up the ramp to the motorway is enough to wipe anyones legs. It certainly makes for an interesting but tough finish. It will toughen some of ye up!!

The first group got 4:30 on the middle group, this was a smaller gap than the week before but they managed to stay out in front even longer this week. They rolled well as a team and only got caught at Mulrooneys garage on the way back to Birdhill. It is great to see such an improvement in the bunch in such a short space of time.

The middle group had a 2 minute handicap on the final group and they also worked well together but were gobbled up by the larger final group before the turn around point. Once the 1st group were caught, the attacking began. Patrick O’Connor, Simon Ryan and Seán Yelverton were very active at the start, but the first sizable break was made by Kenneth Kennedy who got away on the hill after Yellowbridge. It ia rare for solo breaks to last too long and that was the case here. Next off the front was Gary Scully who led the group into the last 2 miles, before being swallowed up.

Into Birdhill the group came and things were all together. The bunch rounded the corner safely and all that was left was the rise to the finish. The finish always looks closer than it is so you need to time your sprint carefully. Once again it was Simon Ryan from Nenagh CC that timed his sprint best of all beating Seán Yelverton from Limerick CC by over a bike length. In 3rd place was Ken Costelloe from UDCC. We are putting it down as a dead heat for 4th between Hugh Flannery from Nenagh CC and Daniel Bresnan. First woman home was Julie White who finished ahead of Anita Egan and Geraldine Kyne.

spread-the-wordFinal Results: Top 5

1. Simon Ryan

2. Seán Yelverton

3. Ken Costelloe

4. Hugh Flannery

5. Daniel Bresnan

Check out the dash for the line (click bottom left corner to play)

Ramon Rodriquez finishing in style (click bottom left corner to play)


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