Nenagh Summer League: Race 3 Report

The latest round of the Nenagh Summer league took place on Thursday and it was another home win with Tommy Hanrahan from Nenagh CC getting up the hill the fastest. There was another fine turn out at the race even though a lot of the Nenagh CC regulars were missing with a club wedding to attend (congrats to Shane and Michelle!). It was great to see Shane Scully taking his marshaling duties so seriously. He was decked out in a 3 piece suit and brought a lot of gravitas to the job. He has raised the bar for marshaling at the Summer League; others should take note.


There were 3 groups on the road. The standard of all 3 groups is very good so the handicaps are kept quite small at 0, 4 and 6. For a long time it actually looked like group 1 were going to stay away. They worked really well together on the way out and still had a fine lead coming into the hill at the Yellowbridge. This is where it all seemed to fall apart though and the bunch behind closed the large gap quickly and swept group 1 up on the downhill before Birdhill.




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The gap between groups 2 and 3 was 2 minutes but this handicap was eliminated very early into the race. It seemed like group 2 were holding back just a little and not working as hard as they could. The now combined continue to work but the speed wasn’t quite as high as usual. After the turnaround point the bunch hit a slight head wind and this led to a further drop in pace. At this stage some cyclists were getting frustrated and they started breaking from the bunch. Will Rymer, Donnchadh Floyd, Peter Leahy, Ronan Costelloe, Ian O’Halloran, Mike Browne and Tommy Hanrahan all found themselves out front for a while but they were all reeled back in.





Coming into Birdhill, the 3 groups were altogether and now it was down to who had the most left in the tank to win the sprint. Tommy Hanrahan went one place better than last week by winning the sprint to the line ahead of Paul Kennedy from Newcastle West CC and a Limerick CC rider in 3rd, with Daniel Yon Hin the first junior across the line and 4th overall.


Team Competition: just for a bit of fun we are going to run a club competition for the duration of the league. This might encourage a little bit of teamwork on the road. If you finish in the top 3 you get points for your club. Points are 1st – 3, 2nd – 2, 3rd – 1. We will give prizes to the 3 top clubs at the end of the series. So far, only 3 teams have scored.

1st – Nenagh CC 11

2nd – Newcastle West CC 5

3rd – Limerick CC 2

Finish Line Video

Thanks to our marshals Bertie, Shane and Clifford for helping out. Next week the marshals will be John Gleeson, Pat Reddan, and Gary Scully. If any of ye have a problem making it then let us know early so we can find replacements.

Up Next: Nenagh Summer League Race 4 – next Thursday, April 27th.


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