Nenagh Summer League: Race 11 Report

The last few summer league races on the N7 have become very aggressive with breakaways winning on most days. The breaks are going earlier and earlier. Gone are the days where the scratch group works together to reel in all the groups. It’s dog eat dog out there now and that is making for some great racing. This evening’s race continued that trend.

There was a better sign on this week with numbers in the mid 30s. Thanks to everyone for attending. This led to 4 groups on the road with handicaps of 0, 4, 8 and 9.5 minutes. There was a north-easterly wind blowing which meant a headwind on the way out and a tail wind on the way back. This usually leads to slower overall average speeds (26.5 this evening), but the quality of racing is still excellent.

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The scratch group were quick to close the 1.5 min gap to the 3rd group. The Nenagh CC lads worked hard in tandem with Mego and a strong contingent from Newcastle West. By the flyover on the way out groups 3 and 4 had merged. The pace stayed high in the group but few were rolling through. Simon Ryan took the opportunity to take flight from the bunch. The chase behind wasn’t well organised so Con Kennedy decided to break too. Both lads builtĀ  a 10 second lea coming to the turn around point where they were joined by Shane Scully.

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After the turn, others jumped away from the bunch with a number of strong riders such as Pat Ryan, Denis Allen, Dave Winship and a lad in a blue jersey making it across to the break. The 7 in the break opened a good gap on the bunch behind. Coming into the hill at the Yellowbridge, the chase behind became very disjointed. The break caught group 2 at this point and pressed on hard up the hill. Pushing over the top of the climb the break had changed with Benny Delaney joining in and Dave Winship exiting with a puncture.

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The break contained 4 Nenagh CC riders and they used their numerical advantage to good effect. The chase from behind was broken up into many small groups and none would regain contact with the leaders. Coming into Birdhill, Con Kennedy made a break from the break. He held a gap all the way to the ramp and forced Simon Ryan to chase. On Simon’s wheel was Shane and he was able to get the jump on Simon on the final climb to take the win, with Simon coming in 2nd and Benny Delaney taking a fine 3rd place. For the first time in a long while we had no women in this race – they were all marshaling! thanks Cliodhna, Anita, Gillian and Mark. First youth home was Daniel Yon Hin.

Next up: Nenagh Summer League – Race 12 takes pace next Thursday, June 23rd.

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