Nenagh Summer League: Race 10 Results

There were 37 cyclists at the latest round of the Nenagh Summer League. The weather was great once again but maybe the sunshine was making a few too lazy as the middle bunch ballooned in size leaving only 8 at the back for the chase. The first group got 5 minutes on the middle group but in future might only be getting 4 as they are getting faster and faster! The back group only gave the middle group 1:30 this week as there were too many shnakes in that middle group!

Both the back and middle group came together just before the turn around point. Chris Jeuken and Gary Scully were putting in big solo efforts at the front and this helped reel the middle bunch back in. Once together the rolling over stopped and people looked to break away. The front bunch were still well ahead at this stage but if a group could get away then they would have a good chance of catching them. First to break away was Seán Yelverton and Gary Scully. Once caught, it was the turn of Aidan Gallery to go up the road but nobody jumped up to join him and he was swallowed up a few mins later.

The Yellowbridge pub is the usual spot where a break has a decent chance of getting away. It is on an incline and people are tiring at this point. If you break hard you can get away. First to break here was Seán again. He was followed by Anthony Gahan and Daniel Bresnan. As the incline went on the break broke up a little leaving Seán out front by himself. Shane Scully was next to break and soon found himself and Seán working together out front. Chris Jeuken was next to join as he broke away from a small chase bunch. This left a breakaway of 3 out front to chase down the front bunch.

Coming into Birdhill, the breakaway made contact with the front group going around the roundabout and onto the final 1km ramp. It is very hard to find the right strategy for this final 1km. So far it has been a case of who fecks it up the least. Shane was first to break, but way to early. He dragged Sean and Chris to the 500m mark. Chris and Sean then broke over the top. However, it wasn’t long before Chris was going backwards and Seán started slowing up too. Shane regained contact with 200m to go and robbed Seán on the line in what was the slowest sprint finish ever recorded.

Next up: Race 11 takes place next Thursday at 7:00pm.

Final Results: Top 5

1. Shane Scully

2. Seán Yelverton

3. Declan Sheilin ?? (could be wrong name – check video)

4. Bobby Coleman

5. ????

Video of the sprint finish

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