Nenagh Summer League: Race 10 Report

For the second week in a row rain put a dampener on the Summer League. Thankfully we have a lot of committed guys turning up each Thursday, eager to get a good workout no matter how much thunder and torrential rainfall there is!! We won’t know ourselves when the sun comes back out for race 11. At least we got a chance to test out the new route on wet roads and it all went swimmingly.

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There were 2 bunches on the road with a handicap time of 3.5 mins. The scratch bunch worked very well together all the way into the Nenagh roundabout. The tailwind meant the average pace was very high to there. The two bunches merged just after the nursery oon the way back to Birdhill. Given the increased length of the league race, this was a little too early so we will adjust the handicap a little for next week. This did mean that the proper racing could start nice and early and first off the front was Peter Leahy in a repeat of last week’s heroic effort.


Breaking first and early seems to be the best tactic for getting away these days as everyone is looking at each other, unsure what to do. Before you know it, a big gap has opened and Peter was away. Back behind the bunch was quite negative with everyone in full on chase down mode of all future break away attempts. Con Kennedy did manage to get away with Ronan Costelloe and they worked well together to stay away from the bunch until Birdhill.



The bunch caught Con but Peter was now almost out of sight up ahead. To save face, the bunch started to work together to see if they could reel him in. They pushed on hard and dropped many quite a few cyclists from the bunch but they couldn’t catch Peter, who would go on to take an easy victory on the flat 1km run in to Ballyhane. An average pace of over 43km per hour just go to show you the quality of his ride. Back behind, the final bunch sprint was won by Limerick CC’s Dave Bourke who took second overall and in 3rd was Nenagh CC’s Benny Delaney.

Thanks to everyone for supporting the race.

The new route seems to be working well and it gives us a little longer in the saddle. We are going to have the same route next week before we tweak it a little more for week 12.

Thanks to our marshals – Bertie Sherlock, Sinead Kennedy, Gillian Mounsey and Jurgen Simpson who did a fine job marshaling the new route. Next week, the marshalls will be Sinead Kennedy, Will Rymer and William Killackey.

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