Nenagh Cycling Club

Things are progressing along nicely on the admin side of things with our new club. We have almost everything in place at this stage and we are looking towards developing our cycling team from next weekend onwards.

Club Gear: is now on order. The club colours will be black with a small bit of white on the sleeves. The new proposed tri gear will be predominantly black as well (possibly with a girly colour for Keith and the girls). The gear will be available at cost price with a significant club discount available on the club jersey. We hope to see all club members in this gear in the New Year (makes a great Christmas present!!). If people are worried about once again having to buy new cycling gear then talk to us and we can come to some sort of arrangement.

Saturday Cycling (big change): This Saturday we are going to combine the two club cycles into one. We recognise that there has been a disconnect between the normal cycle group and the racing group and we wish to bring both groups closer together on a trial basis with a clear route planned each week, which will hopefully suit everybody. This new intensity graded approach should make it easier for cyclists to progress – whether you want an easy / medium / hard cycle then we have something for you on Saturday, November 23rd.

Brand new members & junior members are more than welcome to attend this session – you will need to have a racing bike and a helmet and make sure to wrap up warm!

We want this to be a success – for this to be a success we need numbers – so even if you haven’t been out with us in a while we encourage you to give it another go. This cycle will start at 9:00am from the swimming pool car park (bike racing club lads will still meet at 8:00am and go out for an extra hour). Try and make sure your bike is in good working order with your wheels pumped up!

Saturday Bike Route: Nenagh – Toomevara – Dolla – Silvermines – Limerick Road – Birdhill – Daly’s Cross – O’Briens Bridge – Killaloe – Graves – Coum – Nenagh



How it will all work: The route that has been chosen is shown in the map above. There are a number of ‘turn-off’ points marked on the map. These are the points where we think it is wise for beginners etc to turn off. After each point the average speed will increase slightly. You need to judge what you think you are able for yourself. If you struggled to hold onto the group as you reached turn 1 then you might consider turning off here and making your way back to Nenagh. No one will force you to turn back but the speed will increase to a level you will probably feel too uncomfortable with at this time of year. The intention is to throw in some interval work from Birdhill onwards – again we have no problem with anyone trying this, but it might just be too tough at this time of year for many in the club.

For example,

Silvermines Turn-off: if you are a complete beginner then you will probably be aiming to turn off in the Silvermines. The average pace to this point will be 17mph, and we will be waiting for people. You turn for Nenagh at the Silvermines (there will probably be a few turning with you). The total distance you will cover is marked on the map = 23 miles.

Limerick Road Turn-off: the speed will increase up to 18mph once we pass the Silvermines. The group will still wait for people but be realistic about whether this is a distance you are capable of doing at an increased speed. You can always come back the following week and go further! If you turn off here and head back to Nenagh you will have cycled 30 miles.

Birdhill: We suspect that most people will turn off here. This is where things get tougher as the bike racing team are going to be introducing some interval work. There will be no waiting for people from this point onwards (within reason) if you choose to continue on (everyone is more than welcome to try). If you turn off at Birdhill then head for Ballina and Portroe. The total distance when you reach Nenagh will be 44 miles. If you go the whole way then you have to deal with interval work, some big hills and an average speed of 19mph+ or you can opt out of that and just cycle the rest of the route at your own pace = it’s up to you. See how you feel at the time and make your decision then.

(There will be no stopping at each turn off point to discuss who is turning off. You just pull in and we will see you again at the next training session.)

Progression: We don’t expect beginners to be able to cycle very far or fast just yet. Just do what you are able to do and don’t be a hero. You need to view this long term. Think of it as a challenge = I want to be able to get to the second turn off point in 4 weeks time and I will work hard to get there. Each week you will go further and get faster and before you know it you will have progressed onto finishing the whole thing.

Sunday Cycles: The bike racing lads head out for a long cycle every Sunday so if you are interested in teaming up with them then let them know on Saturday. It is a reasonably tough cycle but there is a coffee break at the half way mark.

There is no better way to build up your fitness for this Saturday cycle than going to turbo this evening in the running complex at 7:30pm!!!!!!! See you there!!

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