Nenagh CC Winter Training

Our winter training programme starts off this weekend. Our main club cycle is on Saturday but we also have a Sunday cycle that is targeted at more advanced cyclists. We hope everyone is well rested now and eager to get going again. Now is the time to start back with us so make a big effort to be there this Saturday. You don’t want to be falling behind straight away. All the details you need to know are below. The forecast for Saturday is looking pretty good

“A lot of dry weather with good sunny spells – just light northwest breezes”

Saturday Cycle

Time & Place: 9:00am at the Abbey Court Hotel.

Route: We will warm-up by cycling out to Moneygall. There will be three separate groups on the road. The Get Up to Speed group will be last to pull out and they will stop in Moneygall; the other two groups will go to Dunkerrin and turn around and meet us back in Moneygall beside the Obama Plaza roundabout. This should be done at a handy pace.

Depending on numbers, we will break the bunch into 3 or 4 groups and each will tackle the looped course. The loop takes us from the Moneygall roundabout back through Toom to the first  roundabout at the M7 flyover. From here we head back out to the Moneygall roundabout and that will be one full loop – 25km. Groups 1, 2 and 3 will do two full loops (50km). Group 4 have the option of doing 1 loop or just cycling straight back to Nenagh. The loop finish is in Moneygall. From there we will cool down by cycling straight back to Nenagh. Total distance = 100km, 95km, 90km or 32km depending on options taken.


Key points to note:

  • we expect to have 4 ability based groups on the road, with around 10 in each group.
    • Group 1 – A1, A2, A3 riders + top juniors
    • Group 2 – A4 riders  + racing women + some experienced club cyclists
    • Group 3 – leisure focused cyclists – juniors – racing cyclists looking to take it a bit easier
    • Group 4 – Get Up to Speed Cyclists + some leisure cyclists that are lacking early season fitness
  • speeds will be controlled at a pace that is suitable for the ability level of each group at this time of year. No racing your teammates. We are there to support each other not bury each other. The aim is to have most of your group finish together (within reason).
  • The first Saturday will be a free for all. That means you can pick whatever group you want to start with. In the past this has meant way too many people choosing the fastest two groups. No doubt that will happen again this year even though we have given guidelines to what group you should be in. As a rule – if you can’t roll through every time from start to finish, then you are in the wrong group. Leaders of each group should not slow the pace to accommodate cyclists that clearly shouldn’t be in the group.
  • If at the end you have found the cycle to be brutally tough then you are in the wrong group. The cycle isn’t too tough, it’s just a poor group selection from you – go in an easier group. The top riders in group 1 will have low heart rates for the entire cycle. If you have to cycle at 90% just to stay in, then it’s not worth it at this time of year.
  • the whole cycle takes place on the main N7 road. Stick to the hard shoulder when you can.
  • if you find the pace too hard just drop out of the group you are in, pedal slowly,  and wait for that group or a slower group to meet you on the way back on the loop.
  • if you are new to cycling with us – take your time and do what you can. Have a plan of action in your head e.g. make it out to Moneygall and back. The next time you are out doing this route you can aim for more.
  • if you puncture, you will have plenty of time to fix it and rejoin the group you were in when they loop back to you. There won’t be any need for a group to stop. Make sure to bring your own pumps, spare tubes etc.
  • group 1 riders will give the other groups an 8km head start as they must first cycle out to Dunkerrin and back.
  • if you, for some reason, feel tired and are having a bad day, just head for home at the M7 flyover roundabout.
  • we will be cycling two abreast, unless your group leader calls for one up cycling (probably go one-up on the 2nd loop).
  • please don’t get upset if you are advised on how to improve your rolling over technique. The session works better if we are rolling through smoothly. Big improvements were made last year but we can do even better this year.
  • the fitter you get, the further you will go and the better the group you will be in.

If you want to make big gains in your fitness this year then try to do the weekend double – Saturday and Sunday. You might find it draining at first but you will soon adapt. If you have plans to do stage racing next year then this is a must!!

Sunday Cycle

Time: 8:00am at Tescos

Route: traditionally we cycle around the lake every Sunday. This cycle has a bit of everything in it and we always get a good workout. There is a coffee stop in Scarriff so bring some money. This cycle is targeted more for advanced cyclists. There are interval sessions included with just two pretty fast bunches to go in. There is no guarantee that the groups will wait for you if you are out of your depth. Try improving your fitness on the Saturday cycle first before joining us on the Sunday.


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