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Nenagh Cycling ClubIt is great to see the fitness levels in the club rising already. Fair play to everyone for the hard work you are putting in. Keep up the good work and don’t give in.


Senior cyclists – we have 4 training sessions to target  – Monday circuits, Tuesday turbo, Saturday cycle, Sunday cycle.

Junior cyclists – there are 2 training sessions this week – Tuesday turbo at 6:00, Saturday afternoon cycle at 2:30pm in the CBS.

Below we address a few issues cropping up………

Saturday cycle – Each week we try to learn something that will help make the group ride run a little smoother. We want everyone to benefit, but with such a large group there are always going to be those that go home a little bit disappointed with their days effort. There are 6 other days in the week to get on your bike so don’t be too disappointed if one week doesn’t go your way. The main issue this week was the opposite of the previous week – the middle bunch was apparently too slow. The warnings from last week about the tough pace and not dropping people (within reason) were adhered too a little too much. There is a happy medium to be found. The middle bunch is not a beginner bunch so you do not have to wait for beginner cyclists who jump in when they would be better advised to stay in the beginner group.

Saturday beginner group – make your way out to Moneygall and take a quick rest here; plan what ye want to do next. Then set off as a group and do it. If you start with the beginner group then stay in it until the group has finished the plan. At that stage, if you are feeling good go out and join one of the faster bunches on the loop.

2 Up Cycling – when in a group we must cycle 2 abreast at all times. There were times out on the course where the large middle bunch had spread out across the wide main road over to the white line. This is not fair to motorists who share the road with us. Tidy up on the road. We want a nice line of two the whole way back to the back with no wheels overlapping. If you are not sure how to cycle in formation then – Google it.

Sunday Cycle – Attendances have been very good at this cycle (averaging 14 each week), and the quality of cycling is also excellent as it is a very experienced bunch. This cycle is targeted at more advanced cyclists so is not beginner friendly. If you go in the middle bunch on Saturdays then you will be able for this. The routes for this are a little long for most so we plan on introducing a shorter route option. Check out our Sunday route updates later in the week. At a certain point the Rás riders will likely head off by themselves as the others turn for home.

Cycle more than once a week – if you really want to improve then this is a must. Our club train a little harder than most so the onus is really on the beginner cyclists to rise to our level. Show your commitment by coming to our:

Tuesday turbo – running complex 7:30 – 8:30pm. We have spare turbos and will help you get set up. It is just once a week so make space in your week for it. The cost is free to all club members. You will see the benefits in the summer.

The pace is too fast in the race bunch – our club train a certain way. Not everyone agrees with this way and that is fine, but it is not up for discussion and we make no apologies about it. What might be a heart rate of 160 to you could well only be a heart rate of 140 for our fitter cyclists. We will not be cycling to your ideal watt or heart rate. We have Rás riders cycling with sportive riders – things will never be ideal. This cycle will seem hard to some and easy enough for others. People are also on different timelines with regards to training. We are already a number of weeks into our training programme so if you join in with us now you might suffer a little more. For those that disagree there are three options:

  1. do your own thing and join up with us later in the year when you want.
  2. join in with our middle group – they go 2km per hour slower than us on the road so should be relatively easy.
  3. grin and bear it. You never know, it might be the making of you. We strongly encourage people to just give it a go. In general we find that once you get into the swing of things (takes a few weeks) then these sessions become pretty easy. We also double it up with a long Sunday cycle that many would consider crazy – once again it might be tough for the first few weeks but it gets easier as you get used to it and by the time 2016 rolls in you will be well adapted and ready to start pushing even harder.We like to hit the first few races of the season in good shape and this will have a knock on mental boost for the rest of the season.

If you don’t agree with us, at least respect the club – keep the negativity to yourself. 

If we haven’t scared you off yet then join our club for the 2015/2016 season.

2015/2016 Membership

Membership for Nenagh CC  is due for renewal. Just simply download the forms below (either Senior/Junior) and get them back to Maeve Ryan (0879602234) as soon as you can. Give her a buzz if ye have any questions….or complaints about the level of inflation!!!!!

  • Club Membership Form 2016 – Senior / Junior
  • Club membership Fee: seniors €30 / juniors €15

Club Gear

The club are keen to send in orders to the manufacturer in the next week or so, so if you want to order some club gear then text Kenneth (087) 2028964 with your details before Sunday. If you want to ensure that you are racing in club gear next year then now is the time to order.

      • Jersey: Elite: €50 Strike €65
      • Shorts: Elite: €58  Strike €75
      • Gilet: Elite: €60
      • Winter Jackets: Elite: €100  Triumph: €115
      • Arm Warmers: €22
      • Tri Suits: Elite: €70 Speed: €90
      • Tri Tops: Elite €40 Speed: €50
      • Tri Bottoms: Elite €40 Speed: €50
      • Junior pricing: Jersey €25 / Shorts €35 (this price is only for junior sizes – many of our juniors are too big for these sizes and will need to purchase senior clothing instead – if you are 13 years and over, you will probably need the senior gear)

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