Nenagh CC Updates

nenagh-cc-logoWe have just had one of our toughest weekend’s of training. Two seriously tough sessions on Saturday and Sunday had many people in a world of pain. Things won’t be getting any easier from here on as next week a large number from the club will be facing into the start of the racing season. Let’s hope the weather is a little bit kinder than what we have just experienced this weekend.

Sunday Spin: after a tough league race on Saturday, there were plenty of tired legs on display today. Plenty of racing cyclists had opted out of doing two tough days in a row so fair play to all those that turned up! Today’s route was hilly with 3,300 ft of climbing. There were 14 at this cycle and the pace was pretty slow to start off with as it took a while to warm-up the body. The bunch headed for Ballina first, with the split occurring here. The first group cycled straight to Birdhill while the rest made the trip over to O’Brien’s Bridge and Daly’s Cross. From here everyone had the same route to do, however it wasn’t long before a spanner was thrown in the works as the N7 was blocked at Gooig due to a road fatality. The group had to head towards Newport and up the back of Shalee.

Both groups went on to tackle three decent hills at Dolla, Seáníns and Army Hill. The hope was for both groups to merge on the way back to Nenagh from Moneygall but the front group were nowhere in sight. The diversion plus the avoidance of the ramp by group 1 (tut tut!) meant the gap was too big to claw back. The back group weren’t too fussed anyway as the route had really sapped the energy of a few, so the pace was relatively easy on the way back to Nenagh. Unfortunately, the rain started to bucket down for the last 10km and the back bunch were soaked and cold getting back to Nenagh. When are we ever going to get a break from this weather?!


It really is time to start taking your training seriously. Fit in as many of these quality sessions as you can.

  • Monday: circuit trainng at 7:00pm in the complex
  • Tuesday: turbo at 7:15pm at the complex.
  • Saturday: senior cycle (chance that it might be WW3) at 9:00am.
  • Sunday: race for most – I am sure a few will meet for a cycle at Tescos at 8:00am.

Gear: contact Kenneth if you need some.

CI License: we have had a great uptake in racing licenses. Just 3 or 4 left in the club that still need to sort this issue out.

Cycling Ireland – Racing Calendar: now is as good a time as any to start planning what races you are going to be doing in 2016. Sort out your plans for February and March at least. Check out the calendar >> click here

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