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Last week felt like a bit of an easy one. With the absence of the summer leagues and a lot of people hanging up their boots already (too early!), the club training sessions were a little bit more leisurely than usual. Just Mike and Matty in racing action this weekend and you can read about how they got on below. We have news about an upcoming revamp of the website, plus an appeal for club members to try to end the season on a high.

Training: just 4 regular club cycles this week.

  • Tuesday: club cycle at 6:30 from Stereame
  • Thursday: club cycle at 6:30 from Stereame
  • Saturday: club cycle at 9:00 from the hotel
  • Sunday: club cycle at 7:30 from Tescos

New Website: over the next few weeks this website will be undergoing a complete makeover. Therefore, from time to time the website might be unavailable to view. All club information will still be available via our Facebook page. Hopefully this revamp will start later this week.

Gear Order: we have a big gear order about to be sent in. Try and give your full payment to Will Killackey asap.

Already looking back at the season: have you accomplished your goals or did you peak at the winter warrior cup? Has another season slipped by where you got distracted or lazy in the spring and summer and ended up doing nothing? This time of the year is usually the time where we get our club members talking up their big plans for the following season. Same guys, same plans = next year will be different!!

Just a little reminder – the 2017 season is far from finished. There are plenty of races left and plenty of time to rescue a season that might not have gone to plan. Stop talking about next year and finish the year on a high. Get back out there on the racing circuit! Come October, we can start talking about plans for 2018!!!

but I hear you say“sure you haven’t done any races yourself this year Shane!” To that I would just say that I have a different goal for 2017. I haven’t abandoned that goal mid-way through the season; it is still firmly within sight and I am training like a lunatic for it. I still make it out to almost all our club training sessions and I am looking to end the season on a high – just like everyone else in the club should be. For some of the leisure cyclists, that high was the France trip so we will excuse those few winding down already. For those club members that consider themselves racing cyclists, go out there and race – we are supposed to be a racing focused club. This is the time of the season where it’s easiest to score so don’t waste it. Sign-up for a few one day races and look to do the…….

Charleville 2 Day: the club are hoping to finish the season on a high. We are encouraging our members to sign up for this race at the end of the year (Sept 2nd & 3rd). It will give you something to focus on for the next 4 weeks of the year before we take an end of season break in September. Entry forms for this race are already out, but if you fancy signing up, make sure to go on to the club Viber page and let the rest of the lads know. They are trying to put a big team together today. There is no reason why we can’t win this event if we train hard over the next few weeks = no excuses – sign-up – get out on the road – make it happen!

Weekend Racing

Suir Valley 3 Day: Mike Browne took part in this event over the Bank Holiday Weekend. This race is always a very tough one as the standard of cyclist is high. There were 4 stages to do, ending with a gruelling hill-top finish on the last day. Mikey has had a good season so far so it was no surprise to see him doing well here too. Over the first 3 stages Mike finished safely in the bunch. The average speed on the last day was extremely fast as the bunch sped towards the final hill-top finish. From there it was every man for himself up the 7km climb. Mike finish the stage in 60th position and 51st overall (21st in the A2 category). This was an excellent overall performance from Mike at one of Ireland’s top races.

Oldcastle GP: Matty Kennedy was our sole representative at this race up in Co. Meath. Here is how the race went for him “A last-minute decision was made to join the separate A1/2 and Jnr/A3 race and turn it into a handicapped race due to the small numbers, which normally would be fine but was less than ideal on the very narrow,tight, rolling back roads around Oldcastle. A break of 3 or 4 got away on the second lap of 5 and stayed away to win, while nothing else was getting away from the bunch. With 5 km to go on the last lap, myself and 3 others got up the road and pulled out a decent gap, only to swallowed up by the bunch within the 500m mark. Luckily I was on the right side of a massive nasty pile up when the sprint started. No points today but a good workout all the same.”

Training Photos

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