Nenagh CC Updates

Not much to say about this weekend’s cycling. Let’s just hope for better weather for next weekend. Saturday is a big day for the club as it sees the return of our winter league, playfully called the Winter Warrior Cup just to wind up a few of the local begrudgers!! Mark the date off in your calendar and make sure to be there on the start line.

winter-warriorWinter Warrior Cup: Race 1

date: 12/12

time: 9:00 from the hotel.

Open to all cyclists with a CI license

Next Saturday, sees the first of four winter league races. The format for these will be similar to the summer league races, except that the route will be different and the atmosphere will be a lot more relaxed. Full details will be on the website on Thursday. We are looking for a strong turnout at this event. You can take these ‘races’ as serious or as casual as you like. Entry fee is free. Throwing in the odd race pace effort into your winter training programme is good, so embrace the pain. These races will give you something to focus on and at the very least it will give us all something to slag each other about over the Christmas!

CI License: it is time to renew your Cycling Ireland license for 2016 >> renew here

Club Gear: has arrived. Kenneth will be bringing it to turbo training on Tuesday for those that want to collect it.

Payment: payment for Nenagh CC club gear or Nenagh CC club membership (separate to your CI license) is to go to either Kenneth or Shane. People in the club are usually great for paying up on time so we presume we won’t have any issues getting the funds in. If we can get all the payments in before Christmas then that would be ideal. Thanks!

Christmas Break: official club cycles will be taking the usual two week Christmas break starting after the Winter Warrior Race 2 on Sat, Dec 19th. We will train hard up until that date and we can then celebrate a good year in cycling at our annual Christmas Night Out in Rockys.

For some, there won’t be a Christmas break. Many use this time to put in a huge amount of mileage on the bike so as to burn off the Christmas pud; and this year will be no different. You can expect to see all those targeting the Rás races next year to be out cycling pretty much every day. Some will no doubt even be out on Christmas Day. These cycles won’t be advertised on the website but if you check out and join the club viber account then you will be kept in the loop. Official training will start back early in January on Saturday, Jan 2nd.


  • Monday: Circuit training – build strength in your legs and enhance your core strength.
  • Tuesday: Turbo from 7:00 to 8:30 – focus is on big gear, power work.
  • Saturday: Winter Warrior Race 1 – Meet at 9:00 at hotel for a warm-up
  • Sunday: Advanced club cycle at 8:00am

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