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That was another disaster weekend for training. We really are having a bad run of luck with 3 storms passing over the country in as many weeks. If you haven’t run out to buy a turbo trainer yet, then you better get a move on. Garages across Nenagh are humming with the sweet sound of  turbo pain.

Cycling Ireland Licenses: thank you to all those that have made the effort to take out a 2016 license already. We are seeing a steady stream of applications come into club HQ. You have up until the end of December to get your renewal in before we start hounding you to get it done. There really is no need to leave it to the last second! Pay it now before you are broke after Christmas.

Racing licenses – we can also see a few new racing licenses being taken out. Fair play to those that are looking to take up the racing challenge next year. The hard work starts now!

Take out a license – click here >


A few random thoughts about Nenagh CC training from Shane…..

Nenagh CC has come on in leaps and bounds over the last few years. When we started out first, the groups were very messy and unorganised, the standard was pretty low and expectations were low too. We set about trying to raise the bar and little by little the club and the standard of training was transformed. There is increased knowledge and skill in the bunch. Club members are training much harder and setting their sights higher. We have put a men’s team in the Rás, a women’s team in Rás na mBan and cycled Mizen to Malin in 3 brutal hard days. We have a youth team that travel around the country racing and a senior team that is growing and growing and with this growth, the results are coming too. 2016 is gearing up to be a huge year for the club.

The key thing that has made all this happen is that we have trained together as a team. We have shared the pain and the successes together and encouraged each other to push for more. We are positive about hard work and we are all pulling in the same direction. I can say without a doubt that the quality of training with our club is excellent. You may look at other teams / coaches and envy what they do. You may think that they hold that magic formula that will propel you to greatness. They don’t. There is no magic formula. There are no short cuts to success. Consistency and hard work are key and that is where our club excel.

I find myself repeating this every year, but it remains as true as ever – the people who perform the best and improve the most in our club are those that put in the most effort to train week in week out with the club. I have yet to see someone who fully commits to the club and what we do have a bad season. The reverse seems to always be true. Why not fully commit to what we are doing for one entire season and see how you get on? If our training is good enough for our Rás lads, it’s good enough for you. We have a plan and we know what we are doing. We want you to trust us and commit to training with us and what we are trying to achieve. This would involve:

  • Turning up to as many club sessions as possible. Club sessions are top quality with a very strong group on the road. The more you miss the further behind you will go.
  • Going hard when asked to go hard and going easy when asked to go easy. Don’t talk about junk miles (we don’t do junk miles).
  • Remember – Cycling is a team sport. The people you should be looking to beat are in other clubs. Don’t treat your club mates as people you need to drop. We work hard together.
  • Committing to a full racing season, even if it is only every 2nd week – start in February and finish in late August
  • Don’t talk about burnout. You are not going to burnout. There is a world of difference between being tired at the end of a tough week and being burnt out. People are far more likely to do far too little than far too much. Your body is capable of handling a lot more than you give it credit for.
  • You will adapt – you might find training tough for a few weeks but your body will get used to it and soon it will become easy. You can then progress on past this point in the new year.
  • Training with a bunch might mean that you do not hit your exact watts / heart rate / numbers etc. Sometimes it is not ideal and you have to compromise a little. But taken over an entire season, the advantages of having a team around you to get you out on the bike, push you hard and keep you motivated, outweigh any slight negatives.
  • Being positive and trying your best to fit in. We like what we do and are positive about it so don’t turn up giving out about this and that because that won’t go down well. You will stick out like a sore thumb. We have a long season of training together so we need to get on with each other = we need to all be pulling in the one direction.
  • Plan your cycling goals for 2016 NOW and work towards achieving them. Aim big.

Give serious consideration to the above & put renewed focus on this week’s training plan:

Junior Training:

  • Tuesday: turbo – running complex – 6:00pm to 7:00pm
  • Saturday: cycle – 2:30 in the CBS

Senior Training

Next weekend, we will just do the planned routes we missed from this weekend. There is more bad weather predicted for during the week so that makes it all the more important that you get yourself to our turbo on Tuesday.

  • Monday: Circuit training – build strength in your legs and enhance your core strength.
  • Tuesday: Turbo from 7:00 to 8:30 – focus is on big gear, power work.
  • Saturday: Club Cycle at 9:00am – Roscrea / Birr route
  • Sunday: Advanced club cycle at 8:00am – Lake route

Club Gear: should be arriving within the next 10 days. We will let you know here when we get it.

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