Nenagh CC Updates

It was a quiet enough weekend on the racing front with only a few in racing action down in Fermoy. The positives of that were that we had plenty out training with us on Saturday and Sunday instead. It was a fine weekend for cycling so if you stayed at home crying into your tub of ice cream then you really missed out!! This coming week there are a few new events with the start of the tri club TT league, Limerick Summer league and the North Tipp Sprint. Pick and choose what you want to do.


  • Tuesday: there are a number of different options here. Splitting club members between 3 different options is not ideal. Pick whichever option suits and we will review the situation next week with regards numbers.
    • option 1 – club ‘hill focused’ cycle starting at 6:30 from Stereame
    • option 2 – triathlon club TT league – 6:30 at the leisure centre
    • option 3 – Limerick Summer League – 7:00 at Gooig
  • Thursday: Nenagh Summer League Race 2 – 7:00 at Gooig.
  • Saturday: North Tipp Sprint – make your own arrangements – either go out early or go afterwards. There will be a post-race cycle organised via Viber later in the week.
  • Sunday: club cycle – 7:30 at Tescos. Please take note of the new Sunday start time!
    • Rás an Laois – separate A3 (85km) and A4 (58km) race.

Best of luck at Rás Mumhan: to Eamon Hartnett you will be racing in the colours of De Ronde from Cork. This is a tough 4 day stage race and we wish him all the best.

Nenagh CC Facebook: we now have our own Facebook page. Pop over + follow us

North Tipp Sprint

Our friends in the tri club are holding their annual triathlon this coming Saturday. In the past Nenagh CC have helped out in big numbers at the race and we hope that people can make themselves available once again. It’s good to be nice (or so they tell me), so volunteer if you can. If you are free then let Shane or Kenneth know via the club Viber account (Nenagh CC) and they will put you marshaling somewhere.

Nenagh Summer League: Marshaling

Below is the marshaling roster for the first two months of the summer league. If you have a problem with your date then let us know. If you happen to be free on some night to marshal instead of race then please volunteer and let one of the marshals race – we want as many people to race as possible.

April 6th – Gillian Mounsey, Sinead Kennedy, Bertie Sherlock

April 13th – Shane Scully, Sinead Kennedy, Bertie Sherlock

April 20th – Kenneth Kennedy, Edward Gleeson, Clifford Guest

April 27th – John Gleeson, Pat Reddan, Gary Scully

May 4th – Matty Kennedy, Sinead Kennedy, Will Rymer

May 11th – Benny Delaney, Donnchadh Floyd, Aidan Killeen

May 18th – Charlie Hogan, Kevin Sherlock, Mike Browne

May 25th – Dan Hogan, Chris Spelman, Jurgen Simpson

Training Start Times

There have been a number of people looking for earlier start times to our cycles. We are reluctant to change the times because we are still trying to develop a club here. While 7 o’clock starts might suit some riders it isn’t exactly the most inviting start time for potential newcomers to the club. We need to set-up the club in such a way that doesn’t scare off potential newcomers for 5 months a year.

Our Saturday cycle is our main club cycle. Movement on this start time is not going to happen. When the Rás lads wanted to get in some extra miles they went out early and met up with the rest at 9. I am not sure why those arguing for the early start times can’t get the extra mileage in by doing this? The Saturday cycle is never excessively long (and the official distance won’t be increasing). It always ranges between 90km and 110km and is more about speed than the Sunday cycle is.

The Sunday cycle is more distance focused and is more of an advanced cyclist spin. It is possible to move the starting time on this one a little as the cycling distances increase (even though it already starts early for a club cycle). We will start at 7:30 for the next few weeks and as distances increase we will consider bringing the start time down to 7:00.

I know these solutions don’t suit everyone, but training with a cycling club means compromising. If I asked 40 members what days and times they want to train, I would get 40 different answers. Nobody in the club gets to train at the exact times that suit them. We all compromise. It is the same with training. If I asked 40 members for what type of training spin they want to do, I would get 40 different answers. We have to compromise with our training too. If you are ok with those compromises then club training is for you. On the flip side, we have plenty of current members and ex members who feel/felt that our training style or training times didn’t suit them. That is fine. It’s hard to please everyone and stay developing a club at the same time.

Race Report: Fermoy

Only 3 Nenagh CC members were in racing action this weekend. Some might argue that Gary and Shane were racing too but triathlon doesn’t seem to count as a sport amongst our cycling club! The real racing this weekend was down in Fermoy. Did the 3 lads have any luck? if it was the Eurovision they might say Nenagh CC, nil points, Nenagh CC, nada, Nenagh CC, meethen vathmee.

In the A3 race, Tommy Hanrahan was making his 2017 racing debut. He really left his mark on this race by getting sick all over the course. Should have stayed in bed Tommy! In the A4 race, Chris Spelman and Donnchadh Floyd were in with a good shot of getting into the points. They cruised around the 3 lap course but when it came to the finish, a late bunch crash put a halt to their ambitions. Neither could recover from being delayed and both missed out on points in the final sprint. At least ye were there or there abouts at the end; the results will come.

P.S. Shane and Gary were 1st and 3rd in their ‘race’. The two lads will be promoted to A+ shortly!

Saturday & Sunday Spins

Between the two days we had 34 cyclists on the road. This isn’t bad in the middle of the racing season. The Saturday spin was a tale of two halves with a head wind killing everyone down to Thurles before blowing everyone home to Nenagh via Templederry. It is amazing how people die almost immediately after turning off the main Thurles road for Templederry at Fantane. The poor quality and rolling road seems to sap everyone’s energy straight away. Not everyone was tired though as some fast times were set up the hill after Templederry.


On Sunday, the start time was changed to 7:30. When we start early this usually means we are going long. Today we headed for Tipperary Town and Ger Kirby country. A new record was set straight away in the cycle – the longest time to fix a puncture ever. It was no surprise that Will Rymer was involved in this 20 minute fiasco. His partner in this puncture repair crime was Kenneth Kennedy and it is fair to say that they made a meal of it. Thankfully, Shane and Denis were there to offer sage advice to the mechanics or we would have been there all day. Thanks Shane and Denis!


Tragically this event led to the heart breaking splitting up of the undynamic duo of Keith and Andy. How would they know where to split from the group early now? Both lads seemed lost in their new groups without each other. Andy confined himself to the back of the bunch while Keith cycled through the tears miles up the road. It wasn’t until after Galbally that both groups came into sight once again. As the racing group passed the first group, Andy pulled out to once again join Keith. They were last seen holding hands down the back of the bunch, promising to never leave each other behind like that again. The problem for them now was that there was no short cut home now. They were in it for the long haul, but with a shop up ahead Keith got the smell of jambons in his nostrils and rode like a man possessed!


This wasn’t the only emotional scene out there this morning. Eoin O’Donoghue was making his long awaited return to the scene of his epic knock/melt down of two years ago. It was like returning to the scene of a crime but Eoin had no memory of Galbally, Knocklong or Hospital as he had buried those memories deep down inside. It was great to see him exercising his demons  all the same.

The rest of the cycle was rather uneventful. Coming back into Nenagh, most of us had clocked around 150km on the bike, so it was a very productive day’s work although Matty wasn’t very happy with the road safety out there from the chasing racing group.


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