Nenagh CC Updates

A new month and a new training schedule for the club. It’s time to introduce some speed with the start of our Summer League on Thursday. Today we had the running of the Visit Nenagh Classic and you can read about how our team got on below. We also had the usual Friday, Saturday and Sunday spins in what was pretty decent weather. The fitness is returning to the group slowly but surely.


  • Tuesday – we are not sure what the tri club are doing yet – until we find out, we will proceed with our own plans. We ask that if the tri club put on a TT league that our members try to attend that. This might not start for a few weeks yet so until then:
    • Club cycle – in preparation for La Marmotte the club will be running a hill focused training session each Tuesday. Start time = 6:30pm at Stereame car park. Nenagh CC and Nenagh Tri club members are all more than welcome to attend.
    • Limerick Summer League – the racing focused cyclists should try to support this league each week.
  • ThursdayNenagh Summer League – 7:00 at Gooig – if you can only get to one club cycle this week then let this be that cycle.
  • Saturday – normal club cycle – starts at 9:00 from the hotel.
  • Sunday
    • Training – we might try the Tipperary town route with an earlier start time.
    • Racing – Silver Pail race – Fermoy – flat race – A1/A2, A3 and A4 races.

summer-league-posterNenagh Summer League

Details: Starts this Thursday at 7:00. A group will be cycling out from Stereame car park in Nenagh at 6:00pm. We want the series to get off to a good start so really try your best to make it. When there, treat it like a race. We are looking for a top quality session that pushes us all to our limits.

Fundraising for: This year the proceeds of the league go towards the Marmotte trip – anyone that wants to join us is more than welcome to come. We have plenty of spare rooms in our accommodation, you don’t even have to cycle if you don’t want to! There are 15 confirmed names so far but we could always do with a few more.

Marshalls: all club members are expected to marshall once over the next 4 months. That is not much to ask. We running an opt-out option though for those that just can’t make it. Let Shane know if you can’t make it at any stage this year and he won’t include you in the schedule.

A weekly marshalling schedule is being created (it will be published tomorrow). It covers the first 2 months of the league. If your name is not down on the sheet – don’t worry, it will be included in the 2nd half. If you have any preference with regards marshaling dates then let us know.

If you can’t race on Thursday but can marshal then let us know – we want anyone that can race, to race for the first one as it’s important we get off to a good start.

Run Option: each week we hope to have a big group getting off the bike and going for a 10km run around the Birdhill and Ballinahinch area. This 40km bike and 10km brick session is ideal for anyone looking to focus on Olympic distance triathlons (or longer) in 2017. The run will start from Birdhill so park your car there.

Friday, Saturday & Sunday Training

There were good numbers on the road on Friday and Saturday and a few different groups on the road on Sunday due to the race in town. On Friday, 9 turned up for an excellent speed session including two hills. The 10 minute effort up Coum was too much for some of the bigger lads! Getting caught in a huge shower and being held up by a tractor on the descent wasn’t great for keeping warm or keeping a good average.

On Saturday, we had two bunches on the road. Feeling bad for wussing out of the Visit Nenagh Classic, the racing group decided to split earlier than usual and push it on a little. The head wind from Roscrea to Portumna was exactly helping the speed. It seemed to take forever to get up to Portumna. The back group took even longer as they decided coffee and cones were required for strength. The road back from Portumna was a pleasure as we had the wind finally on our backs. Average speeds for the day were pretty good with 36km/hr and 32km/hr being recorded. That is pretty good going and it shows that we are exiting our post-bad weather slump. Meanwhile Clifford was out Wesht getting the miles in.



On Sunday, a group of 9 left Nenagh at 8:00. The Classic meant that many people were either racing or making plans to watch the race. Only the hardy few and Keith were there to put in the long hard miles. Today was one of those stop – start days. Punctures, toilet breaks, wheel checks meant the going was slow and plans for the full 90 mile route were abandoned. Instead it turned into a leisurely 80 mile chat in the sun. I suppose, everyday can’t be absolute murder on the bike.

Racing Report

Visit Nenagh Classic: all eyes were on Nenagh for one of the biggest races of the year. The weather was perfect for today’s race and decent crowds turned up for what always turns out to be a tough day on the bike.

In the A4 race, Chris Spelman, Will Rymer, Charlie Hogan and Donnchadh Floyd were hunting for glory. Chris came the closest to getting a top result but his chase group went the wrong way in Toomevara as they closed in on the small group at the front. This cost Chris a probable top 10 finish. As always, Army Hill proved to be an early ball breaker and split the bunch in bits. Will got over the top in the bunch but lost touch on the way over to Toomevara. Donnchadh and Charlie were flying it all day and stayed in with the main pack all the way to Seanins where the gradient took its toll on both. They were 20 seconds behind the leaders going over the top but that was enough to lose touch of the front pack. Donnchadh still managed to secure a top 20 finish in the end with Charlie not far behind.

In the A3 race, Denis Allen bagged the best result for the club. He is slowly but surely coming into form. Today, he finished in the prizes in 15th place overall but he was dogged by mechanical issues throughout the day, making his day tougher than it should have been. He looked comfortable finishing in what was left of the main bunch but with breakaways down the road there wasn’t too much to fight for.

In the A1 race, Eamon Hartnett and Dan Hogan lined up against a top quality field for the main event. Eamon was feeling tired after a stage race last week and some tough training this week and couldn’t hold the searing pace on the climbs. This race is like that though and the drop out rate is huge. Very few actually ever finish the 170km route. Dan too found the going tough and was unable to chase back on after being forced off the road at one point. Tough day at the office but fair play to the boys for putting themselves out there.





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