Nenagh CC Updates

Nenagh Cycling ClubThat weekend sure was a washout; thank God for the turbo!! There was enough turbo generated electricity created to power the town over the last two days. Unfortunately, things don’t look like they will be improving any time soon with unsettled weather to continue for a while yet. Luckily, the next two training sessions (Monday circuits and Tuesday Turbo) are indoors!

Weekend cycling: there are always a few that will brave the elements. On Saturday, we had 3 out on the road cycling 100km and on Sunday we had a bigger group of 6 cycling 130km. They assure us that once you were out in it, that it was fine. Plucking up the courage to step out into the wind and rain was the problem though! Maybe the rest of us are all just getting soft?

Next Weekend: we will be repeating the abandoned plans from last weekend so you already know what’s coming.

Junior Cycling: there will be Tuesday turbo at 6:00pm and a Saturday cycle at 2:30pm this week.

Novice Cycling: the poor weather also caused the cancellation of the tri club’s new novice cycle last Saturday. If this cycle interests you then make sure to turn up next Saturday at 11:00am in the Abbey Court Hotel.

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