Nenagh CC Updates

Week 2 of the racing season is over and while we have gained more experience, we haven’t gained any more points. Some of that was unlucky and some was down to early season rustiness. Once again the weather was atrocious but peer pressure meant we had a decent line up at all the weekend races. Back home, training continued with two shorter cycles undertaken on Sat and Sun due to a combination of wind, rain and cold temps. A miserable Friday evening led to the cancellation of our first Friday club cycle. The sooner the sun comes back the better, but things don’t look a heck of a lot better for the start of next week.


  • Tuesday – turbo training from 6:00 to 8:00 in the GAA complex. Cost €2.
  • Friday – short speed session at 6:15 from Stereame. Bring lights.
  • Saturday
    • Training – normal club spin at 9:00
    • Racing – Munster: Rás Luimní. Connaught: Rás Maigheo 2 Day
  • Sunday
    • Training: long distance – La Marmotte focused cycle at 8:00 from Tescos.
    • Racing – Munster: Rás Luimní. Connaught: Rás Maigheo 2 Day

Facebook and Viber: plenty of club members have signed up to our new club accounts. Thanks for doing this. If you haven’t done so yet, then make sure to pop over now to ‘Follow’ us on Facebook.

Training with the club: I know the weather has been awful but, when possible, get your ass out with the club. The average pace of the Saturday and Sunday spins is a lot more manageable now for most of the club. If you have been worried about joining us on Sundays in the past, don’t be – you will be well able to join us now, so come on out. We promise good weather for next weekend!

Race Reports


There were 8 club members in racing action. Benny Delaney made his racing debut in the A3 bunch up in Clonard. He was in fine form and looking good until he punctured out with just 10km to go. I am sure Benny was getting excited about the sprint finish to come but he will have to wait a little while longer to put his first points on the board.

A team of 7 made the short trip over to Broadford for a flat 80km race. In the A4 race we had Will Rymer and Chris Spelman. Both had a strong chance of winning the race but as luck would have it, both punctured out of the race. Will punctured out with the finish line almost in sight. While Chris had a puncture and puncture induced crash to deal with on the previous lap. So no luck there.

In the A1, A2, A3 race were Eoin Woolley, Denis Allen, Gary Scully, Shane Scully and Eamon Hartnett. No sooner had the race started, Shane was out the back. Positioning himself in his usual ‘at the very back’ position, he stupidly let the gap get a little too big and then he was in trouble. Nobody to blame but himself. He spent 3 of the 9 laps chasing back on in the cars but was deservedly disqualified for that prolonged attempt. Bad start to the season!



Eamon and Gary were safely in the A1, A2 bunch but as the A3 bunch came into view the chase stopped and the jumping began. Eventually there was only half the A1, A2 bunch left and Gary and Eamon were still in it. This chase bunch would never catch the A3 + A1, A2 breakaway. With 3 laps to go Eoin Woolley dropped back out of the A3 bunch into Eamon, Gary and Shane’s bunch. That left only Denis up front. Denis was very aggressive but as the race progressed the lack of winter mileage in his legs began to tell and he dropped back out of the front bunch. That left all 5 Nenagh CC riders in the chase bunch to the end. No points gained, but they all got a good workout all the same.


Again our racers were split between two races. In Newbridge we had Kenneth Kennedy, Gary Scully, Shane Scully, Eamon Hartnett, Kevin Sherlock and Mike Browne. The worst performance was from Shane Scully who failed to even get out of the team van for the start. He was due to follow the race in the camper but then got the van stuck in the mud. He is certainly not feeling the racing love at the moment! Too busy dreaming about the warm weather in Barcelona.


Kevin Sherlock was in the A3 bunch. This race was a real war of attrition with only a very reduced bunch finishing the race. Kevin lasted until the last lap before the lights went out. In the A2 race, we had high hopes for winning some points. Mike was eager to get started after puncturing out last week. Unfortunately for him, disaster struck again as his chain snapped on the first lap. That leaves him with two early finishes after two starts, which is highly frustrating. Back in the bunch, Kenneth Kennedy was trying his best to get into some breaks but couldn’t stay away. Eamon was cycling well too and managed the distance very well, finishing with Kenneth in the bunch. Gary was feeling the effects of a tough training week, previous days race and freezing on the bike and dropped out on the last lap of 5. Again, no points for the club but they will come soon enough.


Denis Allen, Will Rymer and Chris Spelman went to the hilly race in Broadford on Sunday. They were met by awful weather conditions. Fair play to them for even togging out for this one. In the main A1, A2, A3 race, Denis was going very well. he was out in the main break for most of the day. He was flying up the hill and is clearly getting some form back. For the 2nd day in a row that lack of winter mileage told as he got dropped on the 2nd last time up the climb. At this stage he was freezing so he pulled in. It won’t be long before Denis is fully up to speed and then he will start doing damage.

In the A4 race, Will Rymer took shelter behind a wall at the start as the rain was bucketing down. He sought refuge in his car and followed the race from there! Chris braved the elements and with one lap to go he was part of a small group of only 16 left in the race. Things were looking good but on the final ascent his legs gave in and he went out the back. Close but not close enough. It is still great to be in contention on a tough course like that.

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