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nenagh-cc-logoStorm Doris and Storm Ewen decided to visit us this week. It made for a rather unproductive week of cycling for those that were lucky to have a mid-term break! Hopefully those are the last two storms to hit as we have a number of racing cyclists who are afraid of a puff of wind and a few drops of rain (I blame Kenneth!) – something about being scarred for life after stage 2 of Rás Mumhan last year. You would think with Kenneth after piling on the pounds this year he wouldn’t mind the cold as much!! Anyway……. back to the updates, and we have plenty of those for you – the racing season finally kicked off and we also have a number of new club developments to tell you about. Take your time and read all the way to the end.


  • Monday – last day of Bertie’s Circuits
  • Tuesday – turbo training from 6:00 to 8:00 in the GAA complex
  • Fridaynew session – see club development (3)
  • Saturday
    • Training – normal club spin at 9:00
    • Racing – Munster: Broadford flat race (two races A1/A2/A3 and A4) / Leinster: Clonard (three races A1/A2, A3 and A4) – both these races are pretty flat and would make for a good season starter for those looking to race for the first time. The races on Sunday are much hillier/tougher.
  • Sunday
    • Training: long distance – La Marmotte focused cycle at 8:00 from Tescos.
    • Racing: Munster: Broadford (two races A1/A2/A3 and A4) / Leinster: Newbridge GP (4 races A1, A2, A3, A4)

Club Cycles on Saturday & Sunday

Due to awful weather on both days the club training sessions didn’t go ahead. Smaller groups went out later in the days and there were plenty of club members on turbos. Some used the opportunity to rest up for racing on Sunday. It’s not often the club misses an entire weekend of training so we need to make this coming week a better one.

Racing Report

Finally the 2017 racing season has kicked off. The reason we train so hard all through the winter months has arrived. There was plenty of excitement at the prospect of getting back to business but there was also plenty of nerves in the club as the forecasts on both days were looking dodgy.

Saturday: Eoin Woolley was first to get his racing season underway. He went up to Summerhill in Co. Meath for this Dublin Wheeler’s event. This was a handicapped race with the A3s in with the A1s and A2s. That made the speeds tough to handle. Eoin clung on to the bunch for most of the race but got tailed off before the end. Eoin was delighted with the race afterwards, not because of the result, but because it got him away from his 3 month-old for a few precious hours of peace and quiet!!

Sunday: an orange weather warning led to a large proportion of the club opting for a few extra hours kip instead of travelling to Tralee or Navan. Things didn’t look good for the races early on but by the time both races were due to start the conditions had cleared up a lot.

Lacey Cup: 3 club members made the trip down to Tralee. Two of those members, Jurgen and Chris, were pulling on the club colours for the first time. Both were training well and with Will in tow, we were hoping for a decent result here.

A1, A2, A3 race: Jurgen took on some of the best cyclists in Ireland at this race. He found the first climb up Gleann na nGealt tough but jumped in with the oncoming A1/A2 cyclists and raced well from there on. He got through this race unscathed and although not in the points it left him motivated to keep on improving.

A4 race: this was a tale of good cop, bad cop or good cyclist / idiot cyclist. The now seasoned vet, Will ‘Pretty Boy’ Rymer (as he is known in the A4 bunch), decided that he would try to break at the start and then again on the first hill (both into a head wind). We can only put this down as a rush of blood to the head as this was the exact opposite of the instructions given earlier that week – “do nothing, save your energy for the final climb and bury yourself there!” As Will watched the rest of the bunch cycle away from him, we hope he realised he was an idiot (we will make sure to remind him all week of that anyway). It was a different story for ‘La Sensacion’ Chris ‘YaYa’ Spellman. Chris was cycling well all day and got himself a fine 7th place in the final sprint finish. That earns him 2 points from the race. It’s great for the club to get off the mark on the first weekend!

photos from George Doyle

Here is Chris’s report: Horrendous weather forecast for my first race. The majority of the club decided against going. The forecast improved and there was actually sun out when I was warming up only for it to come down in buckets while waiting on the starting line. I couldn’t stop shivering but was reasonably confident as I felt my fitness level was good and that many riders would be scared of the bit of rain. From the start I ended up near the back, scary place in A4 within one minute there were many people rubbing shoulders even though there was loads of room. I went over to the right hand side of the road to try to move up places but still found myself mid bunch. The first drag was taken at an easy pace by the whole group.  I could see one or two riders making a break off the front but I wasn’t in a position to follow.

About  50km in I knew I was still too far back so I made a real effort to get to the front.  I stayed in the top ten all the way up the second drag, I lost the wheels in front but kept a good pace on my own. There was strong hail on the descent which caused many to slow down. This gave me the chance to not just get back on but push up to the top of the group. Coming into the finish I was in a group of about eight, I was feeling strong and knew I had a sprint left in me.  I let myself get boxed in so could not sprint all out in a safe manner. Lucky for me the rider in front had a good sprint so I just followed his wheel.  At the finish there was confusion about how many people had made the break out front.  In the hotel after I was sitting down, half asleep enjoying a coffee when to my surprise I heard my name called, 7th place!

Cycleways Cup: 3 club members in the shape of Eamon Hartrate, Kevin Sherlock, Woolley, and An Púca Ban himself Mike Browne, made the trip to Navan for this one. Eamon and Mike lined up in the A2 race, but things didn’t go to plan for Mike as he punctured out early. Eamon was solid throughout and finished easily in the bunch. That was a strong first performance of the season. Kevin and Eoin went in the A3 race. The pace in this bunch was very tough and there was a lot of jumping going on. Both lads got caught out near the end of the cycle when a surge went in and that was it – out the back. Tis amazing how one minute you are going fine and then the next it’s all gone pear-shaped. That’s cycling for you!

So, a weekend of ups and downs for the club. We had point winners, mechanicals, no shows, idiot cycling, strong finishes and poor finishes. Everyone that went racing are the real winners. Those that chickened out and stayed at home….hang your heads in shame!!

No matter what your result was this weekend – use it as fuel to keep putting in the hard miles at training. Let’s hope the weather improves for next week so everyone will be excuseless when it comes to pulling on the black and white in Broadford or Newbridge.

and now for some big club news………..

Club Development

Things are going great in the club at the moment but things can always be going better. In an effort to advertise and develop our club more we are going to be introducing a few changes over the next while. So bare with us! Some of the changes might go well and some might not. We welcome all feedback.

So, here is the plan………

(1) New Club Facebook Page: In an effort to promote our club a little more we feel we need to have a separate Facebook page that deals with just cycling. Our news can get a little lost on the triathlon club page and the branding on that page is set-up for the tri club and not Nenagh CC. So we are going to take the big step and strike out on our own!! Obviously, we don’t have many followers at the moment but that is where you can help us

What we need you to do

  1. Visit the page – https://www.facebook.com/nenaghcc/
  2. Like the page
  3. Share the page

We will continue to place updates on the tri club Facebook for the next few weeks as most of our followers are on that but hopefully most will pop over to the new site and ‘like’ that too. We hope to do an even better job updating that in the future so it is worth checking out.


(2) New Nenagh CC Viber Account: we want to create a one stop shop for all club communication. This means that the current set-up of separate Tri Club & Nenagh CC + Nenagh CC racing specific Viber accounts needs to be changed. We are now inviting all Nenagh CC club members to join the sole ‘Nenagh CC’ group. This will now accommodate leisure and racing cyclists and it will be the only Viber acount that will be updated with the latest news on training.

Add your name > the new group is called ‘Nenagh CC’ > let Will Rymer know if you want to be added.

(3) New training day: we are going to add another evening cycle to the weekly training plan. At the moment we are not quite training enough as a club to really push forward to the next level. This new training session will be short and sweet and will continue until the clocks go forward at the end of March – we will review the whole training program then and this session will likely move to a new day.

When: Friday – starts at 6:15 SHARP and finishes at 7:45 – for the next 5 weeks

Meet: Stereame car park

Session Structure: this session is more about quality than quantity. It takes place on the old N7 road. We will warm-up out to the Five Alley and from there start into a training set. The set will last 1 hour. After that we will cool down back to Nenagh.  The whole session should last no more than 1.5 hours. Similar ability groups will be formed if enough turn up. The planned set will be placed online each week in the ‘Weekend Cycles’ update on Thursdays so you know what to expect.

(4) New Committee: we have re-jigged the club committee a little, with some leaving and some joining. First of all thanks to founding members Gary and Kevin for all the work they did getting this club started and developing it from nothing to what it is today. We have a lot of successes to our name already and that wouldn’t have been possible without the lad’s input. The two boyos are retiring to focus on their professional cycling careers. Unfortunately all we could find to replace the lads were Will Rymer and John Gleeson. I know, I know….but sure what could we do?! Sure we asked everybody else and they all turned us down. I reckon Will has some secret information on Kenneth and used that as leverage to get on the committee. We are sure the lads will add plenty of…….something to the committee. Watch the power go to their heads now. This will be like Game of Thrones (we all know who the ‘imp’ is).

Committee: Kenneth Kennedy, Shane Scully, Benny Delaney, Will Rymer and John Gleeson.

If the club goes to pot over the next few months blames the newbies. At least that’s what I will be doing!

stravaStrava: all club members that use Strava should make sure to join our club Strava group. It is a great way to slag off the likes of Will Rymer and John Gleeson after they have had another disaster cycle.

New members: the club is always open to new members.

If you think you are up to the challenge then get in contact. We are more of a racing focused club so we would not be suitable for complete beginners on a bike; so some experience would be needed. You don’t need to be a speed demon but you do need to have self motivation and a certain amount of stubbornness. It won’t be easy at the start but if you stick with it then you will get there eventually.

suitable session for newbies

  • our Tuesday turbo is good for getting to know everyone and you can’t get left behind
  • Our Saturday and Sunday spins will be easier for the next few months as many of our racing cyclists will be off racing or they will be resting for future races
  • Starting in April – we will have a new novice cycle on our training programme. This will take place one evening a week once the clocks go back. The exact day is yet to be decided upon. It will involve a short cycle at a very reasonable pace. We will have more details closer to the start date but this is definitely one to look out for if you have any interest in starting with our club but are afraid of the intensity of our regular spins. This will act as a stepping stone towards our other faster training sessions.

That’s All Folks!

Let us know what you think of the new plans

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