Nenagh CC Updates

nenagh-cc-logoThat sure was a tough weekend on the bike. It is important, after tough weekends, that you recover properly. Your body is not used to race pace efforts like that just yet so make sure not to overdo it. The season hasn’t even started so it’s very early days yet. Get out for some easier cycles during the week and get yourself fresh and ready for the Lacey Cup next Sunday. We will still have a full program of training this week so get out and support those cycles too if you can.

Training & Racing

This is a big week for the club as the racing season kicks off in Munster and Leinster. We are primarily a racing focused club so we urge our members to consider taking out a racing license and giving it a go. Last year, we fell short of our 100 point target for the year. This year, let’s make it happen. We certainly have the talent to get close to 200 points. We just need as many people as possible to commit to a FULL season of racing – not just 2 or 3 races at the start or at the end of the season!!!

  • Monday – Circuit training – 7:00 at the GAA complex – 2 more weeks of  strength building
  • Tuesday – Turbo training – 6:00 – 8:00 GAA complex – focus on sprints
  • Saturday
    • Training – Saturday club cycle. Back to the old routes. The intensity won’t be quite as tough as the racing season is about to kick off. It could be a good time for you to join back cycling with us.
    • Racing – some of ye like to race on Saturdays – the Dublin Wheelers Open Races  are on in Co. Meath – separate A1/A2 race, A3 race and A4 race.
  • Sunday
    • Training – club cycle – 8:00 at Tescos – lake spin
    • Racing – Lacey Cup, Tralee or race up in Navan. Handicap race for A1, A2, A3 and separate race for A4.

Training Attendance: now that the racing season is about to start we will expect plenty of members to be absent from training on Sundays and some will miss Saturdays. Missing training due to racing is fine – we do however ask you to try to make the training sessions with the club the day before or the day after. Numbers in the training bunch can suffer at this time of year especially on Sundays with so many people gone, so it is important that we get out to support the training sessions as much as possible. Remember, you can always go in an easier group if you want to save your energy. Don’t be short-sighted – think long-term – resting up every Saturday or Sunday is not the right call. There is also a sizeable leisure side of the club that needs to be supported.

Race Reports + Lifts: if you plan on heading to a race, we would appreciate it if you could alert club HQ and perhaps send us in a little race report afterwards. Viber is good for this. If going to a race on Saturday or Sunday, perhaps offer others a lift down if you can. Most Sundays the camper will be heading to a race so we can fit 6 in that, but be prepared to wait until after the A1/A2 race is over.

Extra Evening of Training: the committee are discussing the need for an extra evening of Nenagh CC training. We have a meeting later today to see if we can put something in place for the next few weeks. One mid-week training session is not enough and with the evenings getting brighter we will try to organise something even if that means we use lights for the next few weeks. Likely days, for this will be Thursday or Friday evenings.

Winter Warrior: thanks again to everyone in the club for supporting this initiative. We know it can be a bit disruptive to our normal training plans but it does give those who are new to the club and racing a chance to experience race scenarios before the season starts. It means that lining up at the Lacey Cup won’t quite be as big a shock to the system for some that it might be. This added experience of club ‘racing’ will also teach some a few lessons about how to cycle in a bunch, hold a line, hold wheels etc. Racing can be dangerous so the more experience people have of different race scenarios, the better. Hopefully now after 4 club ‘races’ our club members feel better prepared to line up against the rest of Ireland at national races.

Altitude training: the club had an out of this world training camp recently. The high altitude camp will have our lads chomping at the bit at the Lacey Cup this Sunday. It’s the little things like this that make the difference #marginalgains


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