Nenagh CC Updates

Thankfully the weather didn’t turn out to be half as bad as predicted. This allowed the group to get in two good cycles over the weekend. Numbers were down a little this weekend – I know the Winter Warrior spins are interfering with the club Saturday cycle but at least next week is the last week of those so we can revert back to normal after that. WW4 is on next Saturday so spread the word. This spin always proves to be a good lung opener before the start of the racing season.


  • Monday – Circuit training – 7:00 at the GAA complex – 3 more weeks of  strength building
  • Tuesday – Turbo training – 6:00 – 8:00 GAA complex – focus on sprints
  • Saturday – Winter Warrior 4 at 10:15. Warm-up from hotel at 9:00am.
  • Sunday – club cycle – 8:00 at Tescos – lake recovery spin

Winter Warrior 4

The final spin of the Winter Warrior Series take place next Saturday at 10:15 in Nenagh. If last year is anything to go by, this spin will prove to be a very fast one. If you struggled at the last one then drop down into an easier group. The handicap times will be increased but we will look to bring everyone back together after hitting Toomevara for the 2nd time. The route will be longer than WW3 and it will also contain some more hills. The standard of this would be similar to an A3 race. It is flat for the first 50km but the last 30km can be draining.

Spread the word – we want a good crowd at this one so instead of spending the week thinking of excuses to come (nobody believes you anyway), why not just do it?!


Sunday Morning Spin: once again the weather wasn’t as bad as forecasted the night before so we were able to head around the lake once again. The cold wasn’t the main problem we had to deal with today – it was the strong north easterly wind that caused all the damage. This made it a very hard day in the saddle as today was the first day we tried the new extended route (home via Newport). However, instead of a nice breeze blowing our tired bodies home, we had a head wind and hills to deal with. It was no surprise when only 5 out of the 12 starters opted to do the full cycle. It required plenty of carbo loading at the pit stop in Scariff but we all made it home eventually with 133km covered. Not too bad at all! Positivity levels in the bunch were low but no matter how bad it got we were all happy that at least we weren’t in Will Rymers shoes.

Dan was sticking to his new high fat / high fat diet.


Training: Get the Balance Right

Since Christmas, the intensity of training sessions has increased. Add to that, 2 winter warrior races and some extra mileage and it is easy to overdo it. These weeks are tough and for some it has been a shock to the system. One bad performance out training and some are almost ready to throw in the towel. Those that expect to go through a whole season feeling great are deluded. You are going to go through lulls and times when you don’t want to even look at the bike. The important thing is not to give up. Your body will adapt to the new training load in time, provided you don’t give up.

We are looking for consistency in training. If you need a 2/3 week break, then you have been pushing it too hard or not recovering enough. Listen to your body and take action before doing damage. Don’t be afraid to do a week of easy cycles – don’t listen to anyone throwing out junk mile put downs – the term they need to familiarise themselves with is active recovery. Also get used to having tired legs while training and racing. You are not going to go through a season fresh as a daisy. You need to know the difference between tired legs and burnt out legs.

That brings me on to a regular problem in the club at this time of year – detraining: meaning – you start taking a ridiculous amount of recovery days once the racing season starts. Yes racing is tough, but no, you don’t need to take lots of time off the bike at this time. As the season progresses the drop in weekly mileage takes its toll and your overall fitness suffers. There are plenty of people out there that will rest up on a Friday and Saturday before a race on Sunday. Add to that, a recover day on Monday and you have lost half the week. You were doing far more than this in the winter! Our aim will be to train through all the early season races. These races are not important. Pick some ‘A’ races that you want to peak and rest up for (but not too many).

To finish up – progress takes time so take a long-term view of things. One bad day does not mean you question everything. Stick with the plan but get the balance right so as to make sure it doesn’t become one bad year. maybe you are just pushing things a little bit too quickly. Maybe you are trying to hit numbers that you are not quite ready for yet. You can’t rush it. Ease it back a little and build up slowly again.

Foreign Training Camp

As you all know, many of our club racers have been out foreign on a 5 week training camp in Majorca. They sent back a photo they took on one of their cycles. They look very fresh and ready to go.  The lads have been training every second day over there and have tagged along with the likes of TeamSky and Movistar on some of their trips to the shop. The training camp is fully funded via the Will Rymer Trust Fund, some targeted begging and some busking and native dancing on the streets of Nenagh from Gary and Kevin.


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