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nenagh-cc-logoThe good weather was never going to last. We hadn’t missed one club session since October until Saturday. It was a good run but there was just too much frost and ice on the road for a bunch ride. Some brave souls still went out at 9, some hit the turbo and some left it until 10. Plenty stayed off the bike and saved the energy for a tough cycle this morning around the lake. These days there aren’t very many easy club cycles. It is important that  you start pushing on now so don’t be holding back too much.


  • Monday – Circuit training – 7:00 at the GAA complex – 7 more weeks of  strength building
  • Tuesday – Turbo training – 6:00 – 8:00 GAA complex – focus on sprints
  • SaturdayWinter Warror 2 – 9:00 at the hotel for warm-up – race starts at 10:15 at Lisboney Ind Estate.
  • Sunday – club cycle – 8:00 at Tescos

winterWinter Warrior 2: our next Winter Warrior event takes place next Saturday, Jan 21st. If the last event is anything to go by, this cycle will surely be a brute. There are no hills on the route but the average pace for an extended distance will surely hurt. All club members are expected to attend. This is the sort of tough training session that will get you to the next level. It is a good test as to where you are in terms of fitness too. As always, this ‘race’ is not to be taken too seriously so don’t be resting up all week for it!!!


Sunday cycle: there were 17 club members on this cycle. Once again we cycled the new extended route and it was great to see most people turning right in Killaloe to do the full distance. Today was the day of the puncture. In fairness we have barely had any punctures to deal with over the last few months so we were overdue a puncture day. There were 5 punctures in total today so that led to a disjointed cycle.

By the time both groups were setting off for the hour of power at Portumna we had already had 2 punctures. The 3rd came just as the racing group were about to pull out to chase the first group. This led to a large 11 minute head start for the group ahead. The racing group pushed a very fast pace into the head wind to try to close the gap a little before Scariff.

Half way through the roll over session the racing group came across the first bunch who had suffered their own puncture. As is the norm – there was no waiting from the racing group once the fast session had begun – it is the job of the puncture victim’s group to wait. Also, stay in your own group. If you choose to go in the slower bunch then you stay in that group. Everyone is more than welcome to start with the faster bunch but don’t join us in the middle of the roll (having a long single line of 14 riders on narrowish roads is not what we want). Ye will get just as good a workout working in a smaller bunch and we are stopping in Scariff anyway so it doesn’t matter if ye come in 2 mins behind. What is all the panic about? The less said about the crazy maneuver taken at the end of the short-cut the better. Rules of the road are not suspended for the hour of power! I am not even sure why the short-cut was taken; it doesn’t matter if you come in a few mins late into Scariff.

The groups were all over the road leaving Scariff, with some sulking and not pulling in at all and others leaving early. With the new extended route, the cycling from Scariff to Killaloe is now easy all the way to Killaloe so everyone should look to pull out together. At Killaloe some turned for home but most took the long road around. The rolling over started in Killaloe and we were going well until just before Birdhill when puncture number 5 hit. Half the group continued on for home while the other half waited. There was no appetite to start rolling again after this latest mechanical so the remains of the group took it easy back to Nenagh and the end of a 130km spin.

Three points

  • it is the racing lads that stop almost every time to help puncture victims. Don’t be giving them grief for not stopping during the hard session. They had already stopped once to fix a puncture in their own group during the fast section.
  • Once the fast sections start you work with your group. They are your team mates until the end of that section.
  • following the wheel in front too closely and braking hard too much are becoming a problem during the bunch roll over sessions. Read the conditions – this is not a velodrome and you are not cycling with pros. When rolling, you should not need to brake and if you do you should be just feathering the brakes.

and a good time was had by all ………. seriously though, that report does seem very negative but I suppose it was just one of those days where a lot of little issues resulted in an overall disjointed cycle. You get days like that. The whole thing runs far more smoothly when people stick to the plan. Stop with the solo missions. When given advice, take it – don’t have people repeating it 20 times. We all started out by making mistakes but you need to learn quickly. I remember John Caulfied from the Wheelers giving out to me plenty of times when I started out cycling. It was hard to listen to (as we all think we are perfect) but he was right all the time and he made me a better cyclist for it. People are not picking on you they are trying to help you (and save themselves from coming down in a 40km per hour crash!!)

CI membership: your 2016 license does not now cover you to go on club spins. Make sure you have renewed your license for 2017. Click to renew

Club Gear: we are expecting delivery of club gear this week. We will notify you via Viber and Facebook if it comes in.

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