Nenagh CC Updates

nenagh-cc-logoThe post-Christmas cobwebs are well and truly blown away now after two tough weekend cycles. We had a good mix of people looking to push it on and people looking to ease themselves back into it. It’s safe to say that the main racing group are taking no prisoners out there so if you want to keep up you really need to start knuckling down to some hard training. Miss a few weeks and it will be tough to stay in your normal group. It might be time to give up that job and go pro. Tell the family you will be back after the season ends.


  • Monday – Circuit training – 7:00 at the GAA complex – 8 weeks of  strength building
  • Tuesday – Turbo training – 6:00 – 8:00 GAA complex
  • Saturday – club cycle – 9:00 at the hotel
  • Sunday – club cycle – 8:00 at Tescos

Sunday Cycle: we had 17 cyclists out for this session. It’s nearly getting more popular than our Saturday spin! We welcomed back Denis Allen after his recent illnesseseses, also making a return was Fathead himself Mr. Butler – tis safe to say that Keith certainly enjoyed the Christmas festivities. We also welcomed back a new streamlined Gary Scully, tis a long time since we saw that Gary.

This cycle was notable for three things 1. Will Rymer’s Redemption – after being dumped out the back when the going got tough on Saturday, Will got his revenge today. He made the ‘breakaway’, won the intermediate sprint and was the last man standing at the end. Surely that’s worth some A4 points? 2. Keith and Andy always taking the easy option. There is no short-cut the boys won’t take and there is no excuse the boys won’t use. I think Keith left the immersion on or something like that. 3. Kenneth’s chain going clunk, clunk, clunk the whole way. That was his Rás chain so there is sentimental value to it and he won’t change it. He hasn’t even taken off his Rás finishers medal yet. As Queen Elsa says ‘Let it Go’. Can you imagine what Kenneth will be like as an old man, wearing the ear off some young lads in the club ‘I remember the time I did the Rás….’, by then he will probably claim to have won the stage into Charleville!

Fair play to everyone for getting out for this cycle and Saturday’s cycle. Numbers are great at our sessions and the team is going well. The ‘new lads’ are flying it and are a great addition to the team. No pressure now lads but we expect you all to be A1 cyclists before March.

Cycling Season Start: some of our members opt to start their season at the Ned Flanagan race in early February; unfortunately this race has been cancelled so it looks like we will all be starting together at the Lacey Cup two weeks after. Luckily for you, we have two Winter Warrior events sandwiched either side of the Ned Flanagan date in February. With 3 WW events in total coming up over the next 6 weeks we will be well up to speed for the trip down to Tralee on Feb 26th.

Dates for Winter Warrior Events (no license, no cycle)

  • WW2 – Jan 21st (flat – 62km)
  • WW3 – Feb 4th (one big hill – 76km)
  • WW4 – Feb 18th (two big hills – 86km)

CI membership: your 2016 license does not now cover you to go on club spins. Make sure you have renewed your license for 2017. Click to renew

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