Nenagh CC Updates

It is amazing the difference from last year. We have yet to miss out on any Saturday or Sunday session as the weather has been great. Last year we were probably on our 3rd storm by now and the whole country was flooded. The consistently good weather has allowed for consistently good training and the club is in a very healthy state at the moment. Everyone seems very focused and there is a lot of positivity in the group. We have a lot of tough weeks ahead as the intensity ramps up as we edge closer to the racing season. Most of us now have a solid foundation built so we should be able to handle anything that is thrown at us. Don’t let a little thing like the Winter Warrior Cup scare you. We want to see everyone in the club out for this. 


  • Monday – circuit training from 7:00 to 8:00 in the GAA complex
  • Tuesday – turbo from 6:00 to 8:00 in the GAA Complex
  • Saturday – Winter Warrior: Nenagh CC vs Nenagh Tri Club. Starts at 10:30 in Toomevara. Warm-up goes from the hotel at 9:00am.
  • Saturday night – club night out in Rocky’s at 9:00pm. Sure to be a time where your mouth will be writing cheques your body can’t cash. There is a prize for the most ridiculous future racing season prediction. Not sure who the favourite would be for this. When in doubt, go for Keith Butler and his likely prediction of getting promoted from A4 to A3 #nevergonnahappen
  • Sunday – ????? (depends on the collective hang-over)

Plan for Christmas: official club training will finish on Tuesday, December 20th and resume again two weeks later on Tuesday, January 3rd. We strongly advise against taking the two weeks off. It is very tempting to kick back and put the feet up for Christmas but that will set you back a long way. At the top-level, they say two weeks off will take 4 – 6 weeks to get back. View the Christmas period as a chance to put in big consecutive days on the bike. This is great time for getting in some big mileage. There will be plenty of unofficial training sessions taking place over Christmas – these will be organised on Facebook and on Viber. If the weather is nice, expect groups to be out everyday (including Christmas day). Make the most of the holidays because when we are back in January the racing season will only be 6 weeks away.

Sunday Cycle Report: I presume the Sunday cycle didn’t go ahead because I wasn’t there? Surely the club stops out of respect for my absence? Apparently not. There was a fine turnout of 17 cyclists for this long cycle. It was good to see club members taking our advice to light up for the early morning starts.


The quality as usual was excellent. Keith, Andy and Gary decided to man-up and go in the faster bunch for the ‘hour of power’. The Stallion was producing a little bit too much horse power and saw his bike frame chopped up by the power of his peddling.


While Dan was sticking to the organic food (I think he was eating roots and bark washed down by some refreshing rain water), ‘de brudder’ had other ideas. What sort of organic farmer are you Charlie?! Letting the side down. I don’t know who won the race into Killaloe (because I wasn’t there and don’t care to find out) but I will have a wild guess that Keith Butler romped home after an early solo breakaway on the hills out of Scariff. All that man was lacking was self belief! Chris had ants in his pants again late on. The infestation might clear up next week. Other than that, I think its fair to say a good time was had by all.


Winter Warrior 1 (aka WW1)


Nenagh CC vs Nenagh Triathlon Club

Time: race starts at 10:30 at Toomevara (Moneygall side). A group will meet at 9:00 at the hotel and do a 1:30 warm-up out to Dunkerrin and back to Toom.

Details: the Winter Warrior Cup is already one of the most sought after titles in Irish cycling. People come from near and not far to take part in this event each year. The added incentive of scalping the tri club has added extra prestige to this event.  The race will be run on a handicap basis and we hope to have 3 or 4 groups on the road. Pick whatever group you want although Nenagh CC members that go on our Saturday cycles will have to stay in the group they normally cycle in. Typically the groups will come together shortly after Moneygall and then the real race begins.

Points will be awarded for the first 10 to cross the finish line just before the swimming pool. The club with the most combined points will win. So for example, when if Nenagh CC members occupy the top 10 positions they will have a combined score of 55 points to Nenagh Tri’s 0 points.

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