Nenagh CC Updates

This is the last club update for November. Another month of training has come and gone. Thankfully, the weather has been pretty good and, to date, no Sat or Sun training sessions have been missed. This time last year we had already missed loads due to storms. We can see the positive effect this consistency of training is having on the bunch as the standard is pretty high at the moment. In two weeks time you will get the chance to test yourself at WW1 and then brag about it at the Club Night Out. This is the end of a crappy week for the club, but I am sure we can change this ‘one step back’ into ‘two steps forward’ soon. There is still a huge amount of talent in the club so lets all double down and make 2017 the best season for the club yet.


  • Monday – circuit training from 7:00 to 8:00 in the GAA complex
  • Tuesday – turbo from 6:00 to 8:00 in the GAA Complex
  • Saturday – club cycle at 9:00 from the hotel
  • Sunday – club cycle at 8:00 from Tescos

Beginners and Improvers – turbo on Tuesdays is the ideal time to start out with our club. You get a quality session for free where you can’t be left behind. You just do what you are able to do each week and before you know it you will be well able to handle our Saturday cycles on the road. Jumping straight in with our Sat and Sun cycles is going to be very hard at this stage as we have a lot of hard work done. So our words of advice for you – come join us at Tuesday Turbo.

WW1 – just one thing to update you on with this race – the group you train with will be the group you start the race with. In previous years we have had a lot of club members looking to drop down to an easier group for the race itself (no surer sign that you shouldn’t have been training in that group in the first place!). This year we will be putting a stop to that. Prove you deserve to be in the group you train with. The first winter league race is a flat route anyway so you should be able to hang in. Typically the groups start out easy enough for the first race and the pace picks up as you get closer to the finish in Nenagh.

UDCC Cyclo Cross – our friends over Upperchurch Drombane organised the latest round of the Munster CX season. By all accounts, it was a very well organised day. Kevin Sherlock raced for the club in the A race with Aidan Killeen in the B race. Kevin finished top 20 with Aidan finishing top 15.



Sunday Cycle Report – nothing much to report from this outing. We started out an hour later than usual as poor conditions were expected. However, the conditions proved very good for cycling. There were 14 of us out and we had a good quality spin. Same ole story really – Keith Butler was the butt of the jokes. Gary was out the back on the ‘climbs’. Will Rymer was at 100% pretty. Matty wasn’t there as he was getting counselling for bullying from previous weeks. The new golden boy Chris Spelman was a no-show so Will Rymer reclaimed the coveted title by default although the wily vet Andy McLoughlin took him down on the Lookout. Denis Ahem was out coughing and spluttering after his double lung transplant. The Puckaun Express was running low on diesel. Curly’s hair was very curly and Shane and Kenneth were a class apart as usual – Somethings never change.

Keep in touch – with Nenagh CC activities via our Facebook page, Viber group and you can also find us on Strava. Be careful with Strava though as Little Hitler uses it to check what training you have been doing. Kinda reminds me of that Santa Claus song “He sees you when you’re training, He knows when you’re on the bike, He knows if you’ve been bad or good, So be good for goodness sake!”

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