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nenagh-cc-logoWe have some big news today about a proposed new club trip away in 2017. Back to the present, training so far in November is going great. The numbers out training and the quality of spin is excellent so give yourself a pat on the back for that. Things will change a little next Saturday with new routes coming into play. There is also a club gear order going in soon so get texting.


  • Monday: circuit training at 7:00 GAA complex
  • Tuesday: Turbo from 6:00 – 8:00
  • Saturday: main club spin at 9:00 from the hotel.
  • Sunday: lake spin at 8:00 from Tescos.

For those looking to race next year you will also need to get out a few times yourself during the week. Have the turbo set up and jump on it for an hour whenever you get the chance.

Club Gear: Kenneth is putting in an order for gear at the end of the week. Think about what gear you need for the year and text Kenneth your order 087-2028964.

Club Trip Abroad

This year we are going to put a big emphasis on our annual club leisure spin. Two years ago we did Mizen to Malin and last year a smaller group went exploring the Alps. This year we are looking for big numbers to commit to what will be a huge but memorable task – La Marmotte 2017

Dates: Friday, June 30th – Monday, July 3rd. Dates are not set in stone just yet. We could well come back on the Tuesday or leave on the Thursday. La Marmotte takes place on Sun, Jul 2nd

What is La Marmotte: it is one of the worlds most popular and toughest Gran Fondos. It takes place in the Alps in France. It will involve 7500 cyclists climbing some of the best known climbs from the Tour de France – Alpe d’Huez, Col du Glandon, Col du Telegraph, Col du Galibier. The cycle will probably take us anything from 9 to 14 hours to do.


Options: for those that don’t think they would be able for the full distance, we will make alternate routes available. Some might just want to use this trip as a holiday and go for some short handy cycles. Others might like to do 1/2 the Marmotte route. It’s up to you. The more we have involved in some way the better. Signing up for a trip like this will give us all something big to focus on for 2017.

Funding: the money we take in from the Nenagh Summer League will be earmarked for this trip to France. We hope to keep the final cost low by using club money to subsidise your trip – so take advantage of it!

Registration: is opening for this trip very soon. It doesn’t cost much to enter so make your purchase when entries open. This event sells out very quickly so make your mind up soon. If you miss out, come to France with us anyway and we will make alternative cycling arrangements for your group.

Get in contact with Shane or Kenneth or let us know via Viber if you intend on going

Training: this is a serious undertaking for those who sign up. We will need to train hard for this – think regular trips over to Kinnitty – oh lovely! Training for this will help bring your cycling to the next level. As the months go by and we get closer to D-Day, we will be going for longer and longer cycles.

Who is this for? this is for both leisure and racing cyclists. If you are going long in triathlon then this would be good for you too. We hope to have upwards of 15+ club members doing this. We already have 10 names (the good ones) on the ‘going’ list. We would love to have as many along for the ride as possible.

Marmotte report from Shane Scully: I have taken part in this event twice over the last 10 years and can safely say that it is one of the most memorable experiences I have had on the bike to date (it almost rivals my Winter Warrior League win from last year). It is tough, but as with Mizen to Malin the more pain you go through the longer the memories last. The first time, I went over with Kevin Sherlock, Eamon Harnett and Shane Kelly. Kevin hadn’t prepared properly and suffered like a dog on the route (I won’t mention the fact that Gunner didn’t even take his bike off the rack for the entire trip!). We of course left Kevin behind, cos that’s the sort of teammates we are. Little did we know that Kevin gave up just before the final climb of Alpe d’Huez. He was sitting in our campervan at the foot of the Alpe exhausted but made the mistake of ringing his oul lad back home. Bertie Sherlock gave out stink to him and told him to get the f*** back on the bike and finish the damn thing. Kevin somehow got back on the bike and had to be pushed up Alpe d’Huez by the crowds on the road. He finished in near darkness but was delighted to have gotten through it. Meanwhile the rest of us were back in the camper wondering where that eejit had gotten to. We were just about to send out a search party when he stumbled in the door with a big smile on his head. After 10 hours of cycling for Eamon and I and around 14 for Kevin we had finished it. From there we moved on to Paris and the less said about that trip the better.

Sunday cycle: 16 club members met up for the lake cycle this morning outside Tescos. It was a very cold morning but that didn’t deter the large crowd looking for more punishment on this 110km cycle. Bodies were pretty tired after yesterday’s slugfest. Keith Butler turned up minus the mullet, and just like Samson he lost all his strength on the bike once the hair was gone. It didn’t help that the Stallion was trying his best to put Keith out the backdoor. Two groups of 8 split in Portumna for the ‘Hour of Power’. A 4 minute gap between the groups was closed before Whitegate and the racing lads ploughed on ahead for Scariff.

Both groups pulled in for a coffee stop. Some intellectual groups were talking about politics and intersectionality while others were talking about STD spreading ladybirds (we think Andy meant Ladyboys!). After a few mins we were back on the bike and heading towards Killaloe. On the way over there, everyone has one thing in the back of their mind – that little b****** of a ‘climb’ 1 mile out from the town where all hell breaks loose in the bunch. Who can hang on to the lead guys??? Today it was Shane and Kenneth that forged a lead. Dan ‘ah sure’ Hogan chased the two boys down and the 3 finished together. From there, it was a slow cycle home for everyone through the hills to Nenagh……well almost everyone; guess what larger than life character decided to take the easy route home?

Winter Warrior 1 – WW1

The big one is just around the corner. Are you excited?!! Kevin Sherlock hasn’t been able to sleep for weeks at the thoughts of it. And who can blame him? a win at this event can set you up for life.

Date: December 10th

Format: to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the triathlon club we are going to have a little friendly battle between the two clubs. You can cycle for one or the other and there will be points on offer for the top 10 home. We will try and make the teams as fair as possible but it is each club’s responsibility to make sure their big guns turn up.

The club Christmas night out takes place that evening along with the tri club and the masters swimming club. The losing team at WW1 will have to buy the other team a pint.

We will provide more details closer to the event

Club Christmas Night Out

As menitoned already, this take place on December 10th. It would be great of you could attend.

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