Nenagh CC Updates

The first month of winter training is over. November is here so expect sessions to get a little bit more difficult. On our Saturday spins we will be staying on the N7 route for one more week and after that we will be heading out around North Tipp. If you haven’t started yet – consider doubling up on the weekend by fitting in both the Saturday and Sunday cycles. If you haven’t even got back on the bike yet after your end of season break then pop down down to us this evening in the GAA complex for a turbo session

Well done to everyone for sticking it out so far. Joining and training with our club is not an easy thing to do as we don’t slow down for you; instead we expect you to show some self motivation to lift your own cycling standard up to ours. This gives you a good work ethic and it means that those who last in the club are not afraid of hard work. This inevitably results in the standard increasing each year – which it has. Nenagh CC have started to make a name for ourselves on the racing circuit over the last few years with a number of big achievements. However, we have plenty of hard work still to do to become a genuinely big club. We are hoping for more success this year.

If you think you can contribute positively to the club then come join us. We are looking for riders of all levels that have the right attitude. You don’t have to be a world beater; just bring a ‘can do’ attitude and you will fit in fine. You will experience plenty of knocks along the way but as long as you keep getting back up you will make it. I am not really doing a great job of selling the club here, am I?! Basically what I am trying to say is if you love pain, misery and torture and are prepared to get slagged off while experiencing said misery and torture, then we are the club for you.


  • Tuesday: turbo – ideal start for beginners – doors open from 6:00 – 8:00. Juniors start at 6:00. Seniors can cycle from 6:00 but session officially starts at 6:45. For triathletes, there will be a short run straight afterwards so bring runners.
  • Saturday: main club spin – meet at 9:00 at the hotel – N7 loop route with one final change.
  • Sunday: lake spin – meet at Tescos at 8:00

Club Membership: pay Shane or Kenneth whenever you see them.

Social Media: the best way to stay up to date with what is going on in the club is via this website, our Facebook page or our Viber account. Many in the club are also part of the Nenagh CC club on Strava. It’s a good way of staying in touch with what is going on and you will find plenty of ‘friendly’ support their from your team mates.

#leadingbyexample Kenneth Kennedy was put in charge of a spin for one day. I would expect this from Keith Butler!


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