Nenagh CC Updates

nenagh-cc-logoOur first week of winter training has come to an end. We have welcomed most of our members from last year back but there are as usual a few stragglers. Don’t leave it too long to come back as you will only make it tougher on yourself to fit back in. There are plenty of members looking to push on to the next level so you need to guard your group position with your life. John Gleeson and Will ‘Pretty Boy’ Rymer have almost come to blows already over the last coveted spot in G3.

Weekend cycle review: for once I have nothing but positive things to say about the Saturday and Sunday cycles. The quality of cycling is excellent and fast improving. Everyone is putting in a big effort and not giving up, well almost everyone. We have another few weeks still to go on the N7; that gives you a chance to get up to the speed required in your group. Each week try to last a little longer in your group.

The highlight of the Saturday cycle was the amount of people who finished the complete cycle. I think people are starting to realise the importance of pacing themselves. The urge to tear off at the start is strong but you will die well before the end if you do this. Pace yourself, it is a long way. It should feel slow for the first lap and the second lap should be a bit tougher as you start to tire.

Stuck in between groups: there are a number of members stuck in this unenviable position. You are trying to make the step up to the next group but it is taking a lot out of you. Your heart rate and effort levels are too high for this time of year. My advice: stick with it and get out training more during the week. Put in the effort for 4 weeks and after that you should be comfortable in the faster group and your weekly effort levels will be far more under control from then on.

More of the same: we will be looking for more of the same next Saturday. Stick with the group you are in and manage the distance and speed a little better. We should all know what we are to do at this stage. Just go out and do it.

Sunday Cycle continues to be well supported. Did Keith turn up? of course not; must have had the sniffles. Soon there will probably be up to 20 quality cyclists out for our lake spins. The effort put in today was very good and everyone managed the distance a lot better. Clear improvements are being made. Tis good to see The Stallion back ripping it up. He has been very tired for the last two years but now seems to have found a miracle cure (signing up for an Ironman tends to have that effect). John Gleeson was toying with everyone on the road. He danced up Charlie’s Hill like Contador and laid down a marker for the rest of us.  Only 3 made it up the little bump in the road before the final dash to Killaloe. Can more people hang in there next week? Finally, things weren’t quite as nice in the bunch today without nice guy Matty Kennedy. He was at a wedding last night where it is rumoured he was only able to drink half a pint compared to the 3 pints the other lads in the round were drinking. Typical Matty.

Club Membership: we are going to start collecting it this week so bring money to turbo or Saturday cycle. It costs €30 to join the club and can be paid to either Shane or Kenneth. We hope to have all membership money collected by the end of the month so don’t have us chasing you up for it in November. To cycle with our club you will also need to take out insurance. Your current Cycling Ireland membership will last to the end of 2016 but you will then need to renew it.

Weekend Racing

There is only one man in racing action these days and that is Action Man himself Kevin Sherlock. Kevin is taking part in the cyclo-cross season that has kicked off recently. If anyone is interested in going to these races then get in contact with him.


We will have just one turbo again this week. We will know the story for definite the following week about including a second turbo. Sorry about the delay.

  • Monday: Bertie’s circuits in GAA complex – toughen up your core.
  • Tuesday: turbo from 6:00 – 8:00 in GAA complex – time to sweat
  • Saturday: club cycle at 9:00 from hotel – hammer time
  • Sunday: club cycle at 8:00 from Tescos (aimed at more advanced cyclists) – the death zone, cut the rope

Junior Training

Any youth cyclists looking to train with the club should try to make it to

  • Tuesday turbo: 6:00 – 6:45 in the GAA complex
  • Saturday: 12:30 in the CBS

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