Nenagh CC Updates

Hello November!

Sunday cycle: we had a very strong and experienced bunch of cyclists out for today’s Sunday cycle. Fitting in two big cycles on the weekend will help you improve quickly. There were plenty of tired bodies in the group but the 15 cyclists that left Tescos worked well on the road and were home after 3 hours 30 mins of cycling + a lovely coffee stop in Mountshannon. The weather was great and the craic was good. This is what cycling is all about – the sooner we sort out the Saturday spins so that everyone can enjoy the ride, the better. More on that below……..

Strong Racing Squad: the quality of our racing group is improving all the time. We have a lot of strong riders out training each weekend so hopes will be high for strong performances in 2016. We all seem to be pulling in the one direction so that makes things a lot easier. We would obviously welcome more keen cyclists to join in with us – our door is always open, but you have to come to us rather than us come to you. If you want to kick on to the next level then our club is a good choice.

November Training Plan

We have put in a lot of work in October so this should allow us to pick things up a little in November. We are not going to go mad, but you should feel like you are building and progressing as the months tick by. In November we will continue with the same training timetable. For anyone that wants to see their cycling jump to the next level, make sure to get at least 3 out of the 4 sessions in each week. It is no coincidence that the guys and girls that train the most are the ones that are excelling.

  • Monday: Circuit training – build strength in your legs and enhance your core strength.
  • Tuesday: Turbo from 7:00 to 8:30 – focus is on big gear, power work.
  • Saturday: Club Cycle at 9:00 – things are about to change – see below
  • Sunday: Advanced club cycle at 8:00 – long distance cycle with coffee break

Junior Training: is on this Tuesday (Turbo at 6:00) and Saturday at 2:30pm.

  • We want our juniors to become fearless on the bike. Nenagh CC is a racing club so you shouldn’t fear putting in some hard work. Come to training with the attitude of wanting to train hard so as to kick ass when the racing season starts next year!!

********** Saturday Training **************

There was a brief committee meeting today to discuss the ongoing problems with our Saturday spins. Finding a solution is proving to be difficult. When you have large bunches like ours, it is hard to cater for everyone.


  • Too many people picking the wrong bunch to cycle in. This is resulting in the slowing down of bunches on the road.
  • Too many people just clinging on to the back of a bunch and not able to share the work. If you cannot roll through for 75% of the cycle then that bunch is too advanced for you and you shouldn’t be in it. You are better off in a bunch behind where you are working consistently, instead of getting in the way of the more advanced bunch you are in.


We have given this problem 5 weeks to sort itself out. We have given plenty of warnings but people still don’t get the message. In the interest of getting things back on track we will need to make a change. That change is:

  • Next Saturday, we will be assigning groups for each cyclist at the start line.
    • There will be 3 groups on the road – 1st, 2nd and 3rd (racing) group.
    • When you pull out from the hotel you will know exactly what you are doing.
    • You will be told what group you should be cycling in. However, we can’t force people to go in the group they are assigned to. We also know lots of people will be upset, but if you still choose to go in a more advanced group then don’t complain if you get dropped and left by yourself as the pace, of group 2 especially, is going to increase a lot.
    • Split – say if 36 cyclists turn up, we would look at a 14 / 12  / 10 split. The largest group will always be group 1.
    • Group 1 – is not a beginner group and should not be seen as one. There will be plenty of good cyclists in this group and plenty who feel hard done by with the group selections. We want a well organised group where everyone works hard on their interval. Instead of staying at the back of group 2 you will now roll through every time from start to finish.
    • Group 2 – you need to be John Gleeson / Aidan Killeen / Sinéad Kennedy standard to be in this bunch. If you are not close to the standard of the 2nd last group in the Nenagh Summer League then don’t even dream of going in here.
    • Group 3 – the lads in this group are training for the Rás = hard going.
    • View this as being similar to swimming lanes – you are placed in the correct swimming lane for your ability. When you demonstrate that you are too good for this lane/group then we will trial moving you up for a week to see how you get on in the higher group. If the jump is too big then you will move back down to your old group. Show dedication and put in the hard work and you will see yourself moving up the ranks quickly.
    • Please don’t throw a hissy fit on Saturday. We are doing this for the good of the cycle and club and are not looking to upset anybody. Remember, we are a racing club. The quality of our training session is important. If you feel deeply upset by this move then consider another club.
    • The right reaction – see it as a challenge – try your best to prove to us that we made the wrong decision. Make it impossible for us not to promote you. Take charge of your group, get them organised and roll through from start to finish.

We have already discussed this plan with many club members and it has been embraced as something that is necessary. Feel free to give your own feedback at anytime. We are always looking for ways to improve our cycles.


Last few things

Club Gear: our order has been put in. Gear should be here in early December.

Club membership: is due – hunt down Maeve Ryan (she is at most training sessions) and give it to her.

  • Club Membership Form 2016 – Senior / Junior
  • Club membership Fee: seniors €30 / juniors €15

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