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nenagh-cc-logoThe weekly Nenagh CC updates are back. Every Sunday or Monday (if I am feeling lazy), we update the website, letting everyone know what we got up to on the weekend just past and what to expect from the coming week. We have just finished our first weekend of winter training; thankfully, there are no deaths to report, everyone survived but some were looking a little worse for wear at the end of day 2.

Sunday Cycle: we had 15 cyclists out on this fine but foggy morning for cycling. The standard of cyclist in attendance was high so the pace throughout was pretty tough especially after  a tough session the day before. There were plenty of tired bodies on the road when we left Tescos at 8:00 and even more when we got back to Nenagh at 11:45. Some people suffered badly on this the second club training day in a row but it will get easier as the weeks tick by so stick with it. We threw in two interval sessions to break things up and the coffee stop in Scariff was well appreciated. As expected Keith Butler was a no-show; Will Rymer kindly volunteered to become the butt of all jokes for the day in Keith’s absence. It has to be said, Will did a fine job.

Club Membership: it costs €30 to join the club and can be paid to either Shane or Kenneth. We hope to have all membership money collected by the end of the month so don’t have us chasing you up for it in November. To cycle with our club you will also need to take out insurance. Your current Cycling Ireland membership will last to the end of 2016 but you will then need to renew it.

Keep in Contact: to stay up to date with everything that is happening in the club you can check out our website, follow us on Facebook or join our Viber accounts. We have two Viber accounts, one is a general tri club / cycling club account and the other is a racing cyclist account. If for some reason a training session has to be called off we will notify club members on Facebook and Viber so it’s always worth checking those before leaving the house on a bad day.

Club Gear: we will be putting in a club gear order at the end of October. Kenneth Kennedy is the man to order gear off. Club gear prices can be found on the bottom of this page >> club gear. Kenneth has a head like a sieve so make sure to text him your order. You will then have a 50% chance of him getting it right.

Club Nice Guy: Matty Kennedy has been voted in as club nice guy. If you ever need some friendly advice or a shoulder to cry on then he is your man. His nasty brother Kenneth and Little Hitler are to be avoided. All Matty requires in return is for you to give him Kudos on Strava. Matty will never let you down, unless you are in a two man breakaway with him, where he will only do work in the ratio of 30 seconds : 3 minutes.

Training: so the first weekend of club training is over. Everyone should be well aware now of the type of sets we do, speeds we hit and standards we expect. The first week is always the toughest. It does get easier as the weeks go by and your fitness levels increase. You should be better able to judge the effort you need to put in to survive two days next weekend. If you are well off the pace then get out a lot during the week.

Our winter time-table is below.

  • Monday: Bertie’s Circuit Training from 7:00 – 8:00pm – New Venue – GAA complex = strength & conditioning – every winter cycling programme should contain some sort of S&C training.
  • Tuesday: turbo training – 7:00 – 8:00 – New Venue – GAA complex. A few of us will likely be in the complex from 6:00 onwards doing a little bit extra. Bring a turbo, the proper rear wheel skewer, a drink and a towel. These turbo sessions are quite intense; we will be practicing a lot of power work.
  • Thursday: we are looking at possibly hosting another turbo session if there is sufficient demand.
  • Saturday: Meet at the hotel at 9:00 – N7 loop circuit. Slight changes will be made to the format of this cycle so make sure to check the update later in the week.
  • Sunday: Meet at Tescos at 8:00 – lake route with coffee stop.

If you attend all 5 training sessions each week for the next 5 months then you will be ready for the 2017 racing season in February. Each session focuses on something different so try to get to them all. Consistency is key. Try not to go missing for a week or two each month as you are throwing away the gains made.

We are looking to build a strong team once again this year. The team works best when as many as possible of us train together and push each other on. There will be people tempted to do their own thing, and that is fine too, however the lads that do best in this club year in year out are the lads that commit almost 100% to the training schedule above. If it’s OK for our rás lads then it is ok for the majority of our club. The 5 sessions above plus some active recovery/easy cycles/junk miles if you have additional time will see you doing well at the races next year. If stuck for time you will have to make each session count so prioritise the Tuesday, Saturday and Sunday sessions.

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