Nenagh CC Updates

nenagh-cc-logoThe countdown continues to the start of our winter training programme. Just 11 more days of relaxation and recuperation left before we are back building a solid base for the racing year ahead. Some people just can’t wait as we had 26 riders out on Saturday for the Get Up to Speed Cycles. Looks like we will have big numbers again for training in October.

Get Up to Speed Cycle

Numbers were up this week and that is great to see. There was a bit more variance in ability and the group split into a number of smaller groups on the way out to Moneygall. Distances of 30km and 50km were covered. That is good going but we still have plenty of hard work to do to Get Up to Speed for the start of pre-season training. Remember, you just have 6 weeks to get fit and fast enough to handle the slowest group of our main cycle.

Friendly-ish Advice: training with a bunch is different to training by yourself. The attitude of ‘ah sure I will just go my own pace’ doesn’t work in cycling. With Nenagh CC, you need to be able to match the pace being set by the bunch or you will be left behind. We are a racing focused club and have a big training group so we can’t afford to be waiting for everyone on training spins. There are other clubs that are more than willing to wait for everyone and they may well be more suitable for you.

Training by yourself all year round is tough. A little bit of hard work now will see you being able to stay with the bunch and you will benefit greatly from that. You can explain to the rest of the bunch that you can only train once a week because you are busy, but that is not going to make them slow down for you. You can explain how you always take September / October off completely from training but that doesn’t mean the bunch is going to wait for you when you come back.

If you are new to the club and cycling with us then now is the time to Get Up to Speed. Training more than once a week is essential over the next few weeks. Turning up for the first time in October / November is going to make things a lot tougher for you if you are inexperienced. So make a point of turning up on Saturday and try your best to get out a few extra times during the week. Put in the work and you will be rewarded.

Next Saturday: Meet at 9:00 at the hotel.

We will be looking to mimic a typical Nenagh CC interval training session but at much lower speeds. It will give you an idea of what to expect in future weeks. We will be staying on the flat, main road for this. It will consist of an easy cycle out to Moneygall. We will turn there and throw in an interval which will take us back to the M7 flyover outside Nenagh (some can head home here if they wish), around the roundabout and back out to Moneygall. It will then be an easy cycle home from Moneygall.

Youth Training

Continues on Saturdays at 12:30 in the CBS. Suitable for ages 7 – 12. Check out our facebook page for updates

October Training

Official club training starts back on Saturday, October 1st.

It is highly likely that we will have 40+ riders turning up for the first training session. This is fantastic but it also brings some problems. With a bunch that size we will need to split into smaller groups on the road from the start. At interval spots, we will be looking to split into 4 separate groups. For October we will be sticking to the main road between Moneygall and Nenagh. I know it can be a little bit boring but it is the best / safest road for practicing group cycling with newbies. Full Saturday training day details will be placed on the website a few days in advance so everyone knows what to expect.

A very rough idea of how the groups will look.

Group 1 – A1, A2, A3 riders + top juniors

Group 2 РA4 riders  + racing women + some experienced club cyclists

Group 3 – leisure focused cyclists – juniors – racing cyclists looking to take it a bit easier

Group 4 – Get Up to Speed Cyclists + some leisure cyclists that are lacking early season fitness

Exceptions will be made e.g. just because you are an A4 rider doesn’t mean you have to cycle in group 2.We do however, want to try and keep as even a number as possible in all 4 groups so some people might find themselves in a group they think they are too good for. A good guide to what group you should be in – if you find that you can’t roll through everytime then you are in the wrong group.

Winter training schedule

  • Monday – circuit training – build strength
  • Tuesday – turbo training
  • Thursday – turbo training
  • Saturday – main club spin
  • Sunday – club spin (focus on distance)

There will be a nice blend of power work, distance, speed endurance, easy spinning, hill work, sprinting etc at the 4 weekly spins. If you attend most of those sessions for most of the winter then it will be most likely that you’ll have a good season. Consistency is key.

Congrats to Donkey Dunne

Darren finished in 36th place in the Junior Men’s Triathlon World Championships in Mexico last weekend. Darren has been a member of the club since he was 14 so it is great to see him progress on from trying to be the best Dunne (not hard!), to trying to be the best in the club, to trying to be the best in Ireland to trying to be the best in the world.¬† This is a fantastic result for Darren but knowing him, I am sure he will be aiming for even better in the years to come.

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