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August has arrived and with that we enter, what is for most, the final month of racing action. Some people have thrown in the towel already but hopefully others can keep pushing hard and try to reach the goals that you set for yourself at the start of the year. Remember, getting results at this time of year is a little easier so its worth your while keeping the show going. There are plenty more races for you to target.


  • Tuesday: club cycle at 6:30 from Stereame
  • Thursday: club cycle at 6:30 from Stereame
  • Saturday: club cycle at 9:00 from the hotel
  • Sunday: club cycle at 8:00 from Tescos

Big End to the Season

Our rás lads might have hung up their cycling shoes for the year but in fairness to them they have around 40 days of racing done over the last 6 months. This doesn’t mean that everyone else should throw in the towel just yet. Those lads achieved their goals for the year, while many of you in the club still need a big end of year performance to achieve yours. Don’t use the fact that Shane and Kenneth are stopping racing as a reason for you to stop. Stop when you have achieved what you set out to achieve back in winter training. Lots of people were talking a big game back then. You still have one more month to prove it wasn’t just ‘all talk’. It is easier to get results at this time of year – look at the races below and attend as many as possible.

Big Goal – Charleville 2 Day in September – this race is a good introduction to stage racing. There is an A2/A3 and an A4 race to target. If you want to be a true racing cyclist then these are the types of events you need to target. You have 4 weeks to get ready for this stage race. Prepare by going to the following races…….

  • Aug 6th, Sat – Beechmount Cup, Navan
  • Aug 7th, Sun – Silver Pail Race Fermoy – all categories
  • Aug 14th, Sun – A3 National Champs, Cong, Mayo
  • Aug 14th, Sun – SERC GP, Wexford – A2/A3 race + separate A4 race
  • Aug 20th / 21st – Stage Race – Wexford 2 Day – separate A1/A2 race, A3 race and A4 race.
  • Aug 21st, Sun – Club Rothaiochta Classic – separate A3 and A4 races – Facebook link
  • Aug 28th, Sun – Kilmallock – races for all categories
  • Sept, 3rd + 4th – Stage Race – Charleville 2 Day

Race in red are local Munster races. That is potentially 8 more days of racing = 8 more chances to score the points needed for promotion. Help push our club over the 100 total points scored mark!!

Weekend Racing

Errigal 3 Day: Daniel Yon Hin was our sole entry in this prestigious youth event. The standard of cyclist at this race was very impressive and race proved to be a great learning experience for Daniel. There was 85 on the start line of the U/14 race with riders from many different countries represented. After 4 tough races Daniel finished in 23rd overall. He was just 4 minutes behind the overall winner. This was a fine performance from Daniel who is only in his 2nd year of racing.

On stage 1, Daniel finished in 25th position. He was just 40 seconds behind a front bunch of just 22 riders. Stage 2 was a hill TT and Daniel finished in 44th position. Stage 3 was another road race and this proved to be Daniel’s best performance as he finished just outside the top 10 in 11th place. On the final stage, Daniel finished in 40th position. He was caught out in a split and came in 2 minutes down in the second bunch.

Overall Daniel should be very happy with his performances in Donegal. With the National Youth Champs coming up in just a few weeks it’s great to see him cycling so well. Keep up the good work!

Suir Valley 3 Day: judging by the performances in this stage race it is clear that we are coming to the end of the year. Out of the 7 that were originally supposed to go to this race, only 4 made it to the start line. Of those 4, none finished!! Bit of a disaster really. If it was the start of the year, this report would be in red writing. As it’s the end of a tough year for most of us I will take it easy!

There is no point in going into the details of this one. Fair play to the lads that made it to the start line and out of those 4 lads it is Eamon Hartnett that deserves the most praise. Eamon stuck it out to the end. He took part in all 4 stages but pulled out before the finish line on the rain soaked final stage.

At a race like this, you are lining up against top Irish and English teams so when the pace ramps up the best you can aim for is to just hold on. There is very little glory to be had. We don’t go to races like this for top results, we go to challenge ourselves against the best. Give me a decent performance in a stage race any day over a point hunting / headline grabbing exercise against a poor quality field elsewhere.  Our club are all about taking on the tough challenges. It didn’t go well for us this time but you can’t win them all.

Oldcastle GP: Will Rymer was back in racing action up in Meath on Sunday. It’s good to see Will back racing after a good few weeks away from it all. In his own words “struggled after the bit of a break, but hung on until the last climb on the last lap. Then got dropped.  Fast enough.”

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