Nenagh CC Updates

Nenagh CC continue to enhance the reputation of the town when it comes to competitive cycling. In just 3 years our club has helped raise the standard of cycling in Nenagh and created a racing focused culture built around training hard as a team. Last week it was the turn of Denis Allen to take the plaudits. He performed brilliantly at the Junior Tour of Ireland and has given the rest of our youth/junior riders something to aim for in the future. We almost had our first A1/A2 victory too with Shane losing out in a two up sprint for the line at the latest National Road Series race in Killorglin. That was a big week and with the club hosting the Tipperary County Road Race this Thursday, this week is going to be another big plus for racing in the club.


  • Tuesday – two options – Limerick Summer League or Hill TT with the tri club
  • Wednesday – another TT option at the Dromineer Series
  • Thursday – the big one – TIPPERARY ROAD RACE CHAMPIONSHIPS more details
  • Saturday – club cycle at 9:00 at the hotel
  • Sunday – training at 8:00 from Tescos or racing in Tuam (latest National Road Series event)

Get Up to Speed training starting in September

As usual, club off season training will start back in October. We understand that some people find it hard to get up to speed with the rest of our club at that time. Newcomers can be put off by this. Therefore, in September the club will be running a Get Up to Speed training initiative where we aim to get newcomers to the club cycling at a decent level before the club officially returns for training in October.

When? every Saturday at 9:00 from the hotel

Plan: the cycle will go out and back on the Dublin Road. Each week we will aim to do a little more and at a slightly faster pace. You will learn how to cycle in a group and you will learn how our club likes to structure sessions and how you can get the most out of them. After 4 weeks, the group will join in with the main club cycle that will also be focusing on cycling out and back the Dublin Road. There will be 4 more weeks of this. Each week, the aim will be to cycle more and more with that main bunch. After 8 weeks (Sept + Oct) hopefully most people will be able to make the jump up to cycling fully with the main bunch as they start using alternate routes.

So take advantage of this ‘head start’ and get you and your bike out with us on September 3rd

End of Year Cycle

Due to the club starting our ‘Get Up to Speed’ training in September, we are going to bring forward the End of Year Cycle to the middle of August. There have already been a number of suggestions about what to do for this. Some want an epic 300km cycle which would be the longest cycle we have done as a club; others want a trip down to Co. Kerry (either cycle down or drive down and cycle down there). Here at Club HQ, we don’t mind at all what we do. It’s early days yet so we can decide over the next two weeks what to do. Think about it and we can all discuss plans next time we are out on the bike.

Junior Tour of Ireland

Take a bow Denis Allen. You have come a long way since last year where you were getting dropped at U/16 races. You are now mixing it with the best and can look forward to an even bigger year next year when you are a 2nd year junior. Keep the feet on the ground, train hard and you will get big results next year.

Final 2 stages: Denis was lying in 47th place overall coming into the last two stages. After enduring a tough stage 4, the legs were pretty tired on the start line for stage 5. Having never taken part in a stage race before, Denis was always going to find the latter stages of the Tour very difficult. Stage 5 had a hill top  finish up Gallows Hill in Cratloe. The cyclists were split all over the place on the final climb. The pace was savage and Denis did very well to finish in 41st position. This was enough to boost Denis’s overall position to 38th!!

The final stage was a short one around Ennis. The average pace was 42km an hour, which is fast and made even tougher by the dead legs everyone has at the end of a stage race. Denis finished the race strongly in 48th place. He lost 12 seconds on the stage in what seems like a situation where someone in the main bunch let a gap form crossing the line. Denis stayed in 38th place overall out of the 103 riders that started the event.

Denis is just a first year junior so he gets another go at the race next year where we are bound to see an improvement. In the first year junior competition at the Tour, Denis came 16th overall. That is a great result.

From everyone in the club Denis – a huge congrats on your achievement! Enjoy some time off the bike but be prepared for more hard work in the coming weeks!

Weekend Racing

Mullingar GP: Eoin Woolley made the trip up to Westmeath for this road race. He took part in the A3 race but didn’t get up for any points. He had to settle for a bunch finish and another race under the belt!

Killorglin GP: A lot of club members got the show back on the road down in Killorglin. There hasn’t been very many races off late on the calendar so it was understandable that many of the Nenagh CC lads racing today felt a bit rusty. There certainly wasn’t much enthusiasm for battle on the way down to the race, with plenty of talk about hanging up the boots for the year. The mood wasn’t helped by the rain in Killorglin, although meeting up with Micheál O’Shea for the first time since the rás was great. We had 7 at the race and here is how it went:

Youth race U/14: Daniel Yon Hin was back in racing action after some time away at the Gaeltacht. He was a little bit rusty today understandably so. He missed the decisive break in the race when a few of the top U/14 lads got away. He worked hard in the remaining group behind and finished the race outside the prizes in 8th place overall. I am sure it won’t take him too long to get the form back as he targets some big results by the end of the year.

A4 Race: Donnchadh Floyd was our only entrant in this race and he had his best result to date. Donnchadh found the going pretty easy throughout. There were no breakaways that stayed away so as is the norm in A4 races, it all came down to a sprint finish. Donnchadh was right up there in the end. He thought he finished in the points in 10th place but it looks like ti was actually 11th. Unlucky!


A3 race: Eamon Hartnett, Con Kennedy and Matty Kennedy formed a strong Nenagh CC team for this race. There were 5 laps to do. With all the juniors gone to the junior tour the A3 racing tends to get very negative. It is hard for breaks to get away as they are constantly chased down. Today was a day like that. Matty Kennedy was suffering from an ongoing mechanical problem so couldn’t do anything in the race. Con tried a dig on the 3rd lap but nothing was let go. Eamon looked comfortable all day in the bunch and will surely be looking at getting some results soon. A great solo effort by Limerick CC’s Tom Shanahan won the race. The rest came down to a bunch sprint in which none of our lads took part in.

Matty and Con down the back (all photos from John Coleman)

A1/A2 race: Kenneth and Shane lined up for this one. This was the latest round of the National Road Series so there were plenty of lads looking to do well. Our two lads didn’t really want to be there (post Rás blues) but got on with the task anyway. The course consisted of 7 x 16km laps. Things weren’t looking very good for the two boys at the end of lap one. They were still in the main bunch but at this stage the breakaway bunch was almost bigger with multiple cyclists breaking across during the first lap.

Out of fear of complete embarrassment, Shane finally decided to try to bridge across. He drove it hard and brought himself and a few others over to the break of 20 or so riders. Kenneth was still stuck in the main bunch 25 seconds behind. They started to work together to close the gap but never quite made it.

Shane spent lap two recovering at the back. At the start of lap 3 he moved forward and after a series of breaks he sensed people were getting tired and he jumped himself. 9 riders made it up to him and the winning break of the day was formed. The next 2 laps were pretty easy as the group worked together to push out the gap. The break lost a few and was soon down to 7 riders. That soon dropped to 6 as Sean Lacey put in a big attack on the 6th lap. He was eventually reeled back in by the rest and with one lap to go there were 6 remaining.

The gap back to the chase group was 2 minutes so that meant the last lap was going to be very attack minded. Simon Ryan had advised Shane to go on the hillier section at the start of the last lap. After another attack by Sean Lacey was chased down, Shane made his move with Simon on his wheel. There was a stall from the 4 lads behind and the gap grew quickly. The two lads were away.

Simon Ryan pushed a great pace for the rest of the lap. Shane did his turns but wasn’t half as effective. With only 3km to go the gap was out to 1 minute and the two lads could ease up a little and enjoy the final run in to the line. Simon took the sprint in the end (no surprise there) with Shane in 2nd place. If you could choose to lose to any cyclist then Simon would probably be that lad. Considering the mood in the van on the way down and on the start line this just goes to show that results can come at any time, you just need to keep plugging away.


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