Nenagh CC Updates

That was another fine weekend of cycling. It might have gotten a little wet at times but at least it was warm rain! Club members were training and racing all over the country. Unfortunately we didn’t have too much success this weekend.

Rising standards: It’s great though that the club can describe weekends where one member gets in the prizes in Dundrum, our A3s performed well in Newbridge and Roscommon, an A1 rider got involved in the winning break in a National League race in Roscommon and a youth cyclist gets in the prizes in Newbridge, as a rather unsuccessful weekend. 3 years ago that type of weekend would have been a huge success for Nenagh. Combine that with the big success of the Wheelers in the Munster TT champs and it is clear to see that the standard of cycling in town has improved significantly over the last few years. Nenagh cyclists could really become a force to be reckoned with in the coming years!!

What is also very impressive is the improvement in club training spin speeds. I know average bunch paces are not overly important, but they do show you how we are making steady improvement. Our Saturday spins hit averages of 34.5km/hr for the racing group and 32km/hr for the main group and that is on a hilly enough 115km route. Savage going everyone. People know that if they turn up on a Saturday they are going to get a quality spin and that is important. It can be a tough standard to reach for new members but all of us found it hard at the start. Keep putting in the hard work and you will eventually get there.

There is never any grumbling about how hard it all is . Ye all just knuckle down and get on with it. We probably don’t say this enough in the club but fair play to ye all (and before you ask….no, I am not drunk)

Let’s continue the good work this week……..


  • Tuesday – Limerick Summer League or club cycle (ask on viber for details)
  • Thursday – Nenagh Summer League
  • Saturday – club training at 9:00 from the hotel
  • Sunday – club training at 8:00 from Tescos / racing Munster Road Race Blarney

summer-league-posterNenagh Summer League

Could everyone try their best to attend this week’s league race. Numbers are down a bit and it’s getting a small bit embarrassing for the club! It is important for the club that we have a top quality training session on each week through the racing season. Our preference is – those that can cycle should cycle it; if you can’t take part for some reason then volunteer to marshal and free up one of the rás lads to take part.

Wicklow 200: 5 club members took part in this tough sportive up in Wicklow. Eoin Woolley, Will Rymer, Kevin Sherlock, Benny Delaney and Donnachadh Floyd successfully completed the very hilly route.


Weekend Racing

Raparree Cycle, Dundrum: a team of 3 went to this combined A3/A4 race held in Dundrum on Friday evening. The course consisted of 10 5km flat lasp. A little rain before the race made the surface a little slippy but there were no major incidents. Keith Butler lasted 5 laps before a puncture put him out of the race. Brian O’Neill and Matty Kennedy were still in with a shout. Matty got himself into a few breaks but nothing stuck. The two boys came to the line in the bunch fighting to get into the top 8. Matty Kennedy squeezed into the prizes and points by taking the final spot as he finished in 8th place.

This adds one more point to our team total: 59 points won – target = 100 points


Donomon GP, Roscommon: the latest round of the National Road Series took place today. A team of 3 from the club made their way up to this one. Shane and Dan lined out in the A1/A2 race which consisted of 7 16km laps of a flat circuit. Dan found the going tough once again at the start (takes a while to get that diesel engine going), but he slipped in at the back of the A3 bunch and got a good workout from that.

This was Shane’s first race back after the Rás. He certainly didn’t feel like racing but if he didn’t start back now then that could be the season gone. On the 2nd lap Shane broke with 3 others and they got a small gap. As the gap opened little by little more cyclists jumped across. This was quickly looking like being the break of the day. The break ended up having 16 people in it and the gap from the bunch hovered between 10 seconds and a minute over the next few lasp.

With such big numbers in the breakaway, the break didn’t work very well and on the 5th lap of 7 the cyclists started attacking one another. Shane didn’t have the cop on to save energy and, while at the front of the break, 4 cyclists broke over the top of him. Shane went in chase but couldn’t quite close the gap. 4 more cyclists came up from behind him and jumped him too, leaving Shane in no mans land. He couldn’t close the gap and that was that. All that was left to do now was go back, tail between his legs, to the bunch. The break stayed away and Shane just rolled home at the back of the bunch.

In the A3 race, Matty was taking part in his 2nd race of the weekend. His legs were tired but he was confident of doing well. He had picked out some good wheels to follow in breaks (juniors obviously), and he would proceed to get himself well placed in a few breaks. However, each break attempt got reeled back. Nothing was getting away today. After 3 laps Matty decided to save energy and wait for the sprint at the end of lap 5. The sprint turned out to be pretty dodgy but thankfully everyone stayed upright. Unfortunately for Matty he finished 11th in the sprint and went home empty handed as there were prizes for the top 10 only.


Youth race: Daniel Yonhin was our sole youth in this race. He finished 7th overall. Daniel is showing great consistency in every race he does. He is competitive in every race, which is great to see as the standard is very high.

Senior race: Eamon Hartnett and Brian O’Neill took part in the senior race. Brian was in the A4 race and was looking for a good placing. His time in the bunch was shortlived though as he was taken down in a crash on the 2nd lap. He got back on his bike and spent the 3rd lap trying to chase back on but had no joy. In the A3 race, Eamon Hartnett was continuing his comeback after a few years out of racing. The aim first of all is to get comfortable in the A3 bunch and finish each race in the bunch. Towards the end of the year the aim is to push towards getting in breaks and scoring points. Today, he didn’t score any points but he was mixing it with the best at the front of the bunch and got himself into a breakaway. He finished comfortably in the bunch, so he is clearly making good progress.

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