Nenagh CC Updates

Another weekend of fine weather led to good numbers out training with the club. France is only 3 weeks away for some while the rest of us have plenty of races and sportives to be training for.


  • Tuesday – Limerick Summer League or club cycle (ask on viber for details)
  • Thursday – Nenagh Summer League
  • Saturday – club training at 9:00 from the hotel
  • Sunday – club training at 8:00 from Tescos / racing Donamon GP Roscommon (National Road Series) or Paddy Flanagan Memorial Newbridge

Racing Focus: Suir Valley 3 Day – now that the Rás is over we would like for the top riders in the club to target the Suir Valley 3 Day which starts on Sat, July 30th. We hope to enter in a team of at least 6 or 7 riders into this. It is still a good few weeks away so that gives us plenty of time to train for it. If you are interested then let Shane know. If targeting this race, make sure to get out racing each and every weekend in the run up to it. The standard of the race is pretty high with teams from England competing. If you want to survive at it then you need to start working hard now.

Weekend Racing

Seán Nolan GP, Navan: a team of 4 riders made their way up to this race on Sunday. In the A4 race Keith Butler was well placed throughout. On the final lap he followed a group of 4 in sprinting to the line early. This group had targeted the wrong finish line though as there was a truck on the road with a person with a warning red flag beside it. Tis the black and white chequered one you should be looking for Keith! After realising their mistake they didn’t have the energy to go again and the bunch sprinted by them and passed the real finish just a little but down the road.

We had 3 entrants in the A3 race with Eoin Woolley teaming up with Eamon Hartnett and Kevin Sherlock. The pace of this race was quite fast and the lads found the going tough. Eamon and Kevin haven’t raced too much yet this season so it was quite understandable that the race would be hard for them. No points were scored at this race but Eamon and Eoin did well to finish high up in the bunch at the finish.

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