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Nenagh CC Racing – New Viber Group: the club have set up a new Viber group (Nenagh CC Racing 2016) solely for those that are looking to race this year. It will help us to co-ordinate our training and racing plans for the season. If you are wondering what races people are going to then look or ask on Viber. When possible, we would like for the whole team to target the same races and Viber will help with this. If you have a racing license then join our group. That includes you John Gleeson!!

30 racing licenses: have already been taken out by club members for 2016. It is great to see such huge interest in racing with Nenagh CC next year. Now all we have to do is turn up and get some results. Easy Peasy!!

A few words on cancelling this morning’s race: to begin with, we apologise to everyone that was put out by the decision to cancel this morning’s league race. Believe me, nobody is as disappointed as us with the cancellation. With the racing season coming up we really need to get some speed in the legs and, waking up this morning, cancelling this race was the last thing on our mind. That is why we left it as late as possible to make a call. We fully understand that these late calls are annoying and are willing to listen to advice on a better way of doing things.

I feel like we need to explain the reasoning behind making the call when we did

  • the combination of near freezing conditions and  rain / snow
  • reports of people turning for home already that morning freezing.
  • reports of slippy roads out Roscrea direction.
  • car crash on slippy roads on the road to Toom

Surely the call could have been made last night? the forecast wasn’t as severe yesterday. It was more likely than not going ahead.

Why wasn’t the call made first thing this morning? we were all eager to do this race so we wanted to give the weather every chance of clearing. There was plenty of sunny intervals too. It was a tough call to make. The final call came by looking at Met.ie’s rainfall radar (which showed further wintry showers on the way) and combining that with the calls coming from the road. In the interest of safety and, thinking of the entire bunch, we made a call to cancel. We feel it just wasn’t worth the risk.

Maybe you think the call should have been made earlier? or perhaps we should just go ahead with these races/training sessions regardless? whoever turns up, turns up. Both are fair points. Talk to Shane and Kenneth on the bike and let them know what you want.

Remember, it is a long season. To improve at cycling, you need to show consistency of training across the entire year. There is no quicker way to lose the love of cycling than by heading out in the cold and wet every weekend and getting sick both physically and mentally. The quality of turbo sessions being put in means that cancelling club sessions is not as detrimental as it used to be. This bad run of weather won’t last forever.

To make up for the cancellation today………….

We are planning a tough cycle tomorrow. We are still doing the lake cycle but we are looking to push it on a bit more.

Start: 8:00am at Tescos

Format: we will be doing an extended roll over session beginning in Ardcroney and finishing with a fast wind-up into Killaloe. There will be no stop in Mountshannon. The bunch will be divided in two in Ardcroney. The rás group, + whoever wants to join them, will go ahead on the road and they will add in an extra 6km by doing the Lorrha loop. As this is a long roll over interval you will need to pace yourself (Will Rymer). The aim is not to drop anyone; but do try to get your whole group to Killaloe as quick as possible. Make sure to bring enough food for a non stop 3 hr 15 min cycle.

Weather dependent – temps are supposed to increase for tomorrow so as long as it’s not too wet this will be going ahead. Facebook and Viber are the places to look for updates.


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