Nenagh CC – quality not quantity

Nenagh Cycling ClubOver the last year we have seen our club expand a lot. This is great to see. Numbers are high at training and the ability levels within the club are rising all the time (wait till our juniors start racing with us!).

However, as a club it is not quantity that we want. The quality of member is what is important. By quality, we don’t mean speed or ability. We mean, that you must have the right personality: positive attitude to training, motivated, hard-working etc. This will enable you to get on with others in the club. If your personality doesn’t match those traits then you will stick out like a sore thumb in the club. You would have to then ask yourself are we the right club choice for you?

Every new member of our club has to buy into our team philosophy. If you don’t, then you are better off finding a new club as we would not be interested in working with you. There are plenty of clubs out there that might better suit your needs.

As a team:

  • We train sensibly hard in the winter and very hard in the summer. If you think our club trains all wrong then find another club. You either buy into what we are trying to do or you don’t. The last thing we want at training is negativity and someone constantly moaning about training being wrong. Some might say we train overly hard in the winter – if you are part of that ‘some’, then a new club would be a better fit for you. We want to save our energy for the bike and not for fighting with our own team mates.
  • We support one another. We celebrate everyone’s achievements and wish everyone the best. If you feel that your main competitors are your team mates and you want nothing more than to be the king or queen of Nenagh cycling then this club is not for you. This is a team you are joining, not a bunch of individuals. We might slag each other off all the time, but at the end of the day we are all great friends and wish the best for each other.
  • We have a positive attitude about training and racing. It doesn’t matter how hard the training sessions or race will be – we are going to be at it. We don’t cherry pick easy training sessions or races. You might get dropped in hard races but use that as a positive – an incentive to push harder in training so as to better yourself. Our season will kick off in February and we will be ready and raring to go.
  • We train and race together when possible. This ties in with the training hard bit. If you have a choice between going out alone or with the club you choose the club. You don’t start organising competing cycles with other club members at the same time as club training sessions. Shared pain is a great way of bringing a team closer together.

It is important that as a club we all get on with each other. There is a great atmosphere in the club at present. We have some fantastic male, female and junior cyclists on our team. 2015 is looking like it will be a great year. We have plans for a male and female Rás /Rás na mBan team and our juniors will surely leave their mark on the youth cycling scene next year too. Our philosophy above is a positive one that focuses on the team and not the individual. If you buy into it then you will find no better team to train with.

As a team we do place more of an emphasis on racing, be it male/female/junior cycle races or triathlons; most of the above applies primarily to the racing side of the club but the above philosophy is also a good one for our leisure cyclists too (but don’t let it scare you off). Tomorrow presents another opportunity to put this philosophy to the test.

See you at 9:00am in the morning!

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