Nenagh CC Notes

Having not been around for the weekend I am presuming everything went swimmingly in the club? Nobody burnt down the clubhouse so that’s a start. This weekend we had two races on plus the usual training sessions. Next week is also going to be a big one.

Training / Racing:

  • Thursday: training – we are going to have a trial run of the Nenagh Summer League. This is not the official start – that is next Thursday, April 7th. We will be racing against the light in this one. It will be getting darkish by the end so bring a hi vis top with you and a back light.
    • Details: Start – Birdhill at 7:00 SHARP. Normal start is Gooig but we will shorten it due to light considerations for this trial week. We will divide into groups out there. Cycle out from Nenagh at 6:00pm from Stereame car park or meet us out there. We don’t want the intensity of this to be as hard as the normal Summer League. We are more looking to organise groups and rolling over properly.
  • Saturday: training – club cycle starting at 9:00am from the hotel.
  • Sunday: training – meet at Tescos at 8:00am
  • Sunday: racing – Davis Cup in Mayo (National League race), Dungarvan Open Race

Rás an Laois

There was supposed to be a large crowd going to this but I think one look at the brutal weather outside made everyone reconsider. Everyone that is, except fot the 3 mad yokes in the photo below. Donnchadh and Aidan competed in the A4 race and Eoin in the A3 race. Donnchadh finished in the bunch but out of the points. The cold conditions made bike handling a little trickier and there were plenty of abandonments, so fair play to all 3 for even braving those conditions.



Congrats to Aidan Killeen and Anthony Sherlock who did the Etape Ras Mumhan this weekend. Ken Hassett was also on his bike at the Fort 2 Fort charity cycle.

Rás Mumhan Stage 4

The final stage took place today in Killorglin and Dan, Kenneth, Shane and Mike were still going strong. We woke up to a fine day for cycling with light winds and sun. Thank goodness for that. The weather so far has made this one of the toughest Rás Mumhans to date. 118 cyclists were still in the race but that meant that 60 had already pulled out.

Today’s stage was 105km long and relatively flat. It wasn’t until you came into Killorglin for the final 9 lap circuit that we encountered some hills. The target today was to get through the initial 3 lap route and get onto the Killorglin circuit before they shut it down. That is easier said than done, especially after 3 tough days on the bike already.

We dressed for racing and went for a nice long warm-up for this one; everyone eager not to repeat the errors of the day before. At 10:00am we were off. An early break was established and that led to the yellow jersey team needing to set a strong but steady tempo at the front of the bunch. This made it easier to stick with the bunch. The average pace was 42km per hour but it didn’t feel that fast.

After 3 laps we cycled back to Killorglin for the final 9 short lap circuit of the town. If the break ahead lapped you then you had to get off your bike and your race was over. They would give you a final time plus a time penalty. Dan’s legs were tired today so he got dropped from the main bunch and had to work heroicly by himself to get back onto the Killorglin circuit. He got back and passed the start line for lap 1 but was asked to dismount. That was his race over but he had completed Rás Mumhan. Not many people in Nenagh can say that!

Kenneth and Mike were both very determined to stay with the front group right to the end. However, on lap 2 a crash caused both lads to lose tough with the bunch. They were raging but there is nothing much you can do about it. Both kept cycling but were eliminated when caught by the break on laps 3 and 4. Shane stayed in the bunch right to the end of lap 9 and that was that; Rás Mumhan done.

The team would like to thank all the lads that came down to help us out – Anthony and Matty Kennedy and then Gary on the final day. Fair play to the team for getting through this. It is a big achievement for both yourselves and the club. Out of 29 teams that entered, Nenagh CC came 19th. We obviously have a lot more work to do in the years to come to become one of the best teams but we are making steady progress.

Our Rás Mumhan team couldn’t have done it without the help of everyone in the club. Cycling is a brutal hard sport and requires a lot of effort and dedication. Having a team all pulling in the same direction and looking to keep pushing hard makes it a pleasure to get out on the bike with clubmates. This time it is Dan, Kenneth and Mike getting the headlines; last year it was Sinead, Sinnead, Rachel and Majella. Next year it could be you!

Rás Mumhan photos – we didn’t even take one group photo. I promise we were all there though! They don’t take many photos of cyclists at the back of the bunch so this is all we got!


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