Nenagh CC Notes

It was another busy weekend for the club. Plenty of people out racing and training which is great to see. There were 13 racing on Saturday in addition to the 20 odd members out training back in Nenagh. We had 11 our racing on Sunday and a decent turnout for what proved to be a gruelling Sunday cycle in Nenagh.

Saturday: Racing Report

There were two races to go to on Saturday and we had cyclists at both. The majority made the trip over to Broadford for an 80km flat race, but we also had a few trying their luck up in Clonard in a similar flat race but with a separate A3 bunch.

In Broadford, the day got off to a bad start when Sinead Kennedy punctured out of the women’s race. The same fate awaited Will Rymer in the A4 race. Two down but still 3 remaining in the A4 race and 5 in the combined A1, A2, A3 race. Derek Bowen, Donnchadh Floyd and John Gleeson cycled well in the A4 bunch and all finished with the bunch but outside the points. This was John’s big debut so well done on not messing it up!

In the A1, A2, A3 race, Kenneth, Gary, Shane, Eoin W and Denis Allen all finished safely in the bunch. This was one of those races where it was easy to opt to hold back with a tough race coming up the following day. There were 9 laps to do and the first 5 or so were at a tough pace. Once the breaks were gone the pace died down to a crawl and our lads were quite content to crawl too.

Sunday: Racing Report

Nenagh CC had 11 entrants in two races on Sunday. Most of the team went to day 2 of the Broadford races but some also went up to Newbridge for the Leinster race. The weather today was pretty appalling with rain and low temps making it a tough day on the bike. The team were huddled in the camper for an hour, scared to step out into the cold for a warm-up. Thankfully the rain stopped for a little while at the start, so with no excuses for not going, the team all set off.

The A1, A2, A3 combined race were first to go. The handicap times weren’t very big so it all came together before the first climb of the day. In the bunch were Mike, Kenneth, Dan, Gary, Denis, Matty, Shane and Eoin. The lads all had a race in the legs from the previous day so the legs were a little heavier than usual as they hit the first climb. The pace on the hill was very fast and this caught a few of our lads out. At the end of the first lap Shane, Kenneth, Mike and Dan were left in the main bunch, which had now whittled down a lot.

There were 6 laps to do, so that meant 6 times up the tough hill. This sort of course suits those with a good power to weight ratio and good stamina. As the laps ticked by, the bunch kept getting smaller and smaller. With 2 to go Shane, Kenneth and Mike were still in with a chance, with about 20 left in the bunch in total. The further the race went on the stronger Shane was looking and he began putting time into the bunch on the climbs, however each time he was eventually reeled back in.

The race was very aggressive but no breaks could get away. It therefore came down to the last lap and who could climb the hill the fastest. Shane and 4 others broke just before the hill and Shane ended up pacing the little group the whole way up the climb (in hindsight a very stupid idea). They had a sizeable gap at the top and with only a quick descent to go it was soon obvious the winner would come from this group. In the end Shane had to settle for 4th place; dragging 3 well known sprinters to the line is not the wisest thing to do!

Kenneth and Mike crossed the line together soon after. The chase bunch had fragmented a little on the last climb but the two lads still did great to finish as high up as they did, especially with the hard mileage already put in this week.

Brian O’Neill entered the A4 race in Broadford. This turned out to be a very hard race as the vet cyclist were also put into this group and that lifted the standard considerably. Although Brian didn’t manage to get in the points on this occasion he will be well happy with the tough workout.

Overall the race was a success as Nenagh CC managed to bag our first points of the season. Onwards and upwards.

shane kenneth

In Newbridge, Tommy Hanrahan and Con Kennedy were in action in the A3 race. Luck was not to be on their side on this day. The race had been going great for the two lads – they were present in every major break of the day and were looking good for securing some points for the club. Disaster struck near the finish though as the two lads were brought down in a crash that happened right in front of them. Both are ok but their bikes took a battering. Let’s hope the boys are both back out racing again soon.


  • Monday: circuit training at 7:00 in the complex with Bertie
  • Tuesday: turbo session at 7:15 in the complex
  • Saturday: senior club cycle at 9:00 at the hotel.
  • Sunday: club cycle at 8:00 at Tescos


  • Sunday: Rás Luimní – this is a local race (Caherconlish) run by our good friends at Limerick CC so we would appreciate it if all our racing members could target this race.

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