Nenagh CC Notes

Finally the sun appeared and that brought a lot of club members out racing and training on Sunday. After the washout that was Saturday, Sunday was a great day but not just weatherwise. We also had some cracking performances at the races. Our points tally keeps going up, up, up!


  • Tuesday – Limerick Summer League or club cycle (ask on viber for details)
  • Thursday – Nenagh Summer League
  • Saturday – training at 9:00 at the hotel or the Crotty Cup race.
  • Sunday – training at 8:00 at Tescos or the Shay Elliot Classic.

Club Gear – two notices

  1. The latest gear order has arrived. Arrange with Kenneth for the collection and payment of that gear.
  2. From now on cycling gear is to be ordered individually via the website. You register, login, choose the gear you want and pay for it yourself. This can be done at any time of the year.

In order to access the account you need to go to:

Enter your email first. Then a password will be sent to your email.

Then go to

Enter your email and temporary password and you then register for the verge system and have access to all the team stores. You then click on the NenaghTriClub logo and enter the password that will be sent via the Viber group (check viber – date – Mon, Apr 25th)

Race Reports

Youth racing: we had 3 youths in racing action in Newcastle West. Report from Ronan:

“We had Bill Maher racing u16 and it was a very fast race. Bill and a few others drifted from the main bunch and worked well together to the finish.  Bill won the sprint for the end of lap 3 but then realised that it was a 4 lap race!! Keep up the good effort bill!Odie and Daniel were our u14 representatives.  Dan rode well as the bunch split in two but got a bit boxed in for the sprint finish finishing 6th and another successful day in the prizes and on his birthday too. Odie in his own words had a disappointing day getting distanced early while carrying a knee injury.  A few weeks rest and hopefully he’ll be back on track.”

Deenside Cup, Kilkenny: 8 club members were on the start line for this race. We had participants in all races bar the women’s race, and expectations were high for securing more points.

A1 race: Shane Scully lined up with 50 other A1s for a tough 140km race consisting of 4 laps with one big hill. As is the norm in these races, it didn’t take long for the winning break to get away. It went on the first lap. Shane found himself in a chase group 30 seconds back at this stage. The chase never really got going though as there were too many unwilling to chase due to having men already in the break.

At the start of lap 3, Shane’s break were caught by what was left of the main bunch. The 3rd lap saw the break establish a huge lead and as the main bunch started the last lap everyone decided to sit up and stroll. After 6km of crawling, Shane went in a break with a few others just to get a good workout before the rás. On the final hill, Shane and Greg Swinand opened a gap on the rest and came to the line together, with Greg beating Shane in the sprint for 12th place overall.

A2 race: Kenneth Kennedy, Dan Hogan and Mike Browne made for strong Nenagh CC team in this race. They had the same 140km course to do as the A1 race. Dan was very active in breaks early on but got caught out on a hill after being reeled in from a break. Kenneth and Mike were both cycling well and they were getting into many of the breaks. It was Mike Browne that managed to get himself into the break of the day. Mike cycled well in this group and was looking good for a top finish. He was feeling strong but for the 2nd year in a row at this race, he punctured 15km from the finish. That was a disaster for him but he still got the pre-rás workout he was looking for.

Kenneth was still in with a slim chance of securing points as he was riding comfortably in the bunch which were about 1 minute behind. He tried breaking over the top of the final hill but was caught. He had to settle in the end for a bunch finish.

A3 race: Matty and Con Kennedy were in this race. They both had 3 laps to do. Matty found himself in an early break but they were reeled in on the 2nd lap. On the final lap the two lads were still in with a chance. However, Con started to cramp and lost touch on the final hill. Matty was on the wrong side of a split going over the top of the hill. Someone up ahead had lost the wheel and a gap opened. Matty chased back on with a few others but couldn’t then get the energy to get up for the sprint.

A4 race: Brian O’Neill and Donnchadh Floyd took part in this 2 lap race, with Brian finishing in the points in 6th place. Here is a report from Brian

“Donnchadh and myself represented the club in the A4 race in Castlecomer.  There was a big sign on as normal for A4 – but probably more than normal given the good weather.  The A4 race consisted of two laps of a 35k loop with a ‘Dolla’ type climb in the middle of it.  Both Donnchadh and I stayed mid bunch for the first loop. The first climb was taken at a pretty handy pace and both of us had no bother staying in.  I had a plan to be at or close to the front for first descent so moved up the front and led the bunch down the hill back in to Castlecomer (staying upright being the reason for that!). Donnchadh was feeling pretty crappy coming into the race so stayed mid bunch while I moved up front.

There’s a hairpin bend at a roundabout and a Lucan rider broke before that and I jumped on his wheel, we were joined by a Waterford rider and two others and we tried to open a gap but no joy. After that I was adamant on staying at the front and had to fight hard to do that. I broke again coming into ballyragget, which is where the climb starts. The reason for the break was to get to the climb first, set a pace that I was OK with and to make sure I was in a position where I could be close to any break or gap opening. That worked out pretty well for me and while the pace was much faster than the first time I was well positioned and got to the top about fifth from the front.  Donnchadh wasn’t as lucky and got caught in the second bunch when loads of splits where happening.

I again went to the front for the decent – but it was much harder to stay at the front this time as everyone had the same plan: be at or close to the front for the sharp right hand turn at the bottom on the decent.  It’s about 2k from that turn to the finish.  I was happy with my position at this point and thankfully the number of riders was reduced, which would result in a safe sprint to the line.  That last 1k is pretty hard with a slight rise in it been taken flat out.  I think experience kicked in at this point as loads of guys were sitting up – almost all the way to the line.  I knew if I could avoid those guys (and having to break) and keep going I was in for a shot at something.  I came across the line in what turned out to be 8th (wasn’t sure at the time!).  Donnchadh came across less than a minute after that.  Both of us were pretty happy how our day went…Roll on crotty cup!



Newcastle West

A2/A3 race: Denis Allen made a welcome return to racing after missing the last two weeks due to illness. He performed extremely well on his return. There were 60 entrants in this combined A2/A3 race. The presence of the A2 riders made things a little bit more difficult but Denis was up to the challenge. As the laps ticked by, more and more cyclists were getting dropped. Coming to the line there were just 20 left. Denis had a great chance of doing well but a late crash held him up badly and he ended up just coming in at the back of the bunch.

This sort of performance from Denis will edge him closer to selection for this years junior tour. Plenty more hard work to be done before that though!

A4 race: Keith Butler also made the trip to Newcastle West. It has been a long time since Keith has scored points in the black and white Nenagh CC jersey, so everyone had pretty much given up hope of him delivering the goods today. This course had hills and sure everyone knows Keith is ‘no good on hills’. You can imagine the shock at club HQ when word filtered through that Keith hadn’t actually embarrassed himself, his family and the club at this race. Somehow he managed a 6th place finish and with that his first A4 points in nearly a year. Miracles do happen. Good on ya Keith!

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