Nenagh CC have landed

We hope to keep a tour diary from Mizen to Malin so tune in over the weekend to see who has died a bad death that day. The bookies have stop taking bets on Will Rymer being the whipping boy of the tour. As Will said, ” it’s the first time I have been favourite for anything!’ He has plenty of rivals though for the title.

We all met up at 2:00 in Tescos, with the usual suspects being late. The drive down to Mizen head might well prove to be the toughest part of this M2M challenge. Everyone managed to get through it safe and sound, although Gary got badly dropped on the hill while walking out to the B&B in Golleen. Kenneth went back and paced him up the hill. Could be a long trip for him.

Plenty of smiles and fresh faces in the picture below but it won’t remain that way for too long.

On the way down, we popped into Macks in Killarney for a lovely meal. It felt like our final meal on death row so everyone stuffed their faces. The bumpy trip down through the hills to the end of Ireland almost saw a few reaquaint themselves with their main course.

So here we are, all waiting for the big start in the morning. We are up at 5:45am with an expected start time of 6:30am and a journey time that could range from anything from 8 to 10 hours. We have to cycle 10km or so down to the start to take the obligatory start line picture (proof) so that should give us a good warm up before all hell breaks loose. There are talks of a 150 mile solo break away tomorrow but John Gleeson might find it tough out there by himself into the head wind. He is talking a big game though.

Everyone is just eager to get going. The giddyness should get us through the first 50 miles after that reality will settle in.

Short and sweet report tonight. Tomorrow will be a lot more gruesome.

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