Nenagh CC: Club Notes

Bad weather might have thrown a spanner in the works last week, but we more than made up for it this weekend with a big effort on our weekend cycles. It was cold but that wasn’t going to stop us this time.

Sunday Cycle: there were 12 cyclists at our Sunday Cycle. The destination was Tipperary Town and the Glen of Aherlow. At a distance of 150km, it sure was a long one. Those who didn’t have the brownie points earned at home to be out on the bike all day turned for home at Tipperary, but still managed 130km on the road. It shows how well training is going when 130km can be seen as the easy option! Saturday and Sunday proved to be two very big days on the bike for many. Don’t worry, your legs won’t fall off. We might take it a little easier on ye all next week though!

Club Gear: is due to be delivered in just over two weeks time

Winter Warrior Cup: the first of this 4 part cycle series takes place in 3 weeks time, Saturday December 12th. It will be a handicapped race like the summer league. Try and keep that date free on your calendar. It is always good fun, especially if you love pain and chewing your handle bars.

Christmas Club Night Out: the big social event of the year is quickly approaching. It is the one time of the year we get to see ye all without a stupid aero helmet on. Kevin Sherlock will still be wearing the lycra though so be warned. Apparently he is ‘bringing sexy back’ or something like that. December 19th is the date to remember and Rocky’s is the place to be. The club would like to advise that a drunken promise is legally binding. Those who talk the talk over a few pints (Keith) must now walk the walk.

Cycling Ireland Membership: it is time to renew / take out / transfer your license. Cycling Ireland membership for 2016 is now open. To be covered by insurance at training spins you must take out a license. This is separate to your club membership fees and is something you need to organise yourself via Cycling Ireland (see link below). Try to sort it out well before the end of the year because there is always an end of year rush for these sort of things. Once you pay, we will be able to see your details on our club account.

It is explained for you on Cycling Ireland >


  • Full Competition: €125
  • Limited competition (club races e.g. summer league): €60
  • Leisure: €40
  • Youth: U/12 + U/14: €5    U/16: €35

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