Nenagh CC: An Post Rás

Nenagh CC have ambitious plans to enter a team in this year’s An Post Rás. We might be in our infancy as a club but we are aiming high in 2014. We expect big things from our new senior team (and our junior and youth teams!). It doesn’t get much bigger than the Rás as this is Ireland’s marquee cycle race.

This is a big undertaking for the club and in order for us to achieve this goal we need your help!!

Meet The Team

There are five cyclists on the Rás team. They are:

  • Shane Scully: is a founding member of both the tri club and Nenagh CC and has plenty of triathlon wins under his belt over the years. Shane came 2nd in the National Championships in 2011 and was 2nd in the National Series in 2012 and 3rd in 2011. Shane is a relative newcomer to the cycling scene in Ireland and only just completed his first full season last year where he moved from the A3 to the A2 category. This year Shane is looking to do a Rás / Ironman double. In cycling he is just looking to be competitive and to do well overall in the stage races.
  • Gary Scully: has represented Ireland multiple times in the past in triathlon and has recently returned to the racing circuit after a 10 year absence looking for a return to past glories. Like his brother Shane, Gary is also a relative newcomer to the cycling scene and also managed to move from A3 to A2 last year. Gary will be looking to move up to A1 next year and will be looking to finish in high overall positions in the stage races.
  • Alan Loftus: brings a lot of experience and talent to the team. He has ridden the Rás three times in 2010, 2011, 2012 and won a county team prize in the Rás in 2010. Alan has won a stage and come 3rd overall in the Adare two day stage race. He has come 2nd in two consecutive stages of the Corkman in 2011. He was a member of the team that won  Rás Mumhan in 2010. Alan has also produced consistent top results on the Irish domestic circuit down through the years. Alan is looking towards doing well in the Vets National Championships and win some domestic races.
  • Simon Ryan: is the youngest on the team but already has a number of top results and achievements to speak of. Simon has participated in the An Post Ras three times in 2011, 2012, and 2013. Simon has raced Rás Mumhan 4 times. Simon has won a stage of the Corkman in 2012. He won and placed multiple times on the domestic race circuit last year. Simon’s goals for 2014 are to win U23 national championships and plenty of domestic races.
  • Bob Murray: is making a return to cycling after a few years out. Bob has taken part in the Rás in the past. He has also won the 1st Stage of the Donegal 3 Day. Other victories include 1st at the Blarney Road Race and 1st at the Limerick Road Road Race. Bob has raced Rás Mumhan 4 times and has produced consistent results on the Irish domestic circuit down through the years. Bob is looking towards doing well in the Vets National Championships and win some domestic races.

To enter the Rás you need to be an A2 rider or higher. Currently, most of our members are A3 and A4 riders. Therefore, we had to look further afield for recruits to the team.  There are a number of other non-rás riders joining Nenagh CC as well for 2014; this should swell the numbers competing for the club in open races to close to 20. Exciting times!!


We will be putting on many fundraising events throughout the next few months. For now you might be able to help us with……

(1) A Small Donation? Get ready for the guilt trip! Shane and Gary have been helping out people in this club for the last 7 years. This has been done voluntarily throughout the years. They have asked for little in return. Leaving a small donation for the lads to kickstart the fundraising campaign would be very much appreciated. You can donate via Paypal. Ahhhh go on!!

(2) A Business Donation? If you can help us out in anyway – perhaps you have a business or know a business that can sponsor us – we don’t expect a big donation. If we got a little from a lot of businesses, shops etc. then that would go a long way.

The Future: We hope to be able to send teams to the An Post Rás (Rás na mBan and the Junior Tour too) each year. We have plenty of talented riders in our group and with our junior program now started, there should be a constant supply of talent coming through. Our club want to be able to help you to reach the heights of cycling in Ireland. If you train hard and signal your intention to one day do the Rás then we will do our best to make sure you get there.

That’s all for now!!

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