Nenagh 5km Run Series: Run 5 Results

The final run of our summer series has come and gone. We hope that everyone that took part enjoyed it – well maybe enjoyed is too strong a word – survived it, would probably be more accurate. 67 people in total took part in 1 or more of these races across the 5 weeks. The majority of people saw improvements over the 5 weeks and we hope you continue with your running.

Just because the 5km run series is over it doesn’t mean you stop running! This should only be the beginning. There are plenty of other events to target and there is always run training with our club on Monday evenings at 6:15 in the CBS to attend. We hope to organise a winter 5km series at the end of this year so keep an eye out for that.

This evening’s run was very difficult due to the very hot and humid conditions. When you are already covered in sweat at the start line you know it’s gonna be a tough one. So well done to all those that managed to go faster than your predicted times. It was a countdown to zero challenge today with the first competitor off at 30 mins and the last off at 16:42.

Even though the numbers in attendance were less than usual (I never seen so many club members eager to marshal; I think we had 10 volunteers – easy knowing the season is more or less over for most!!), everyone still got a great work out. The winners were the 3 people that were closest to 0:00 on the countdown as they crossed the line. The winners this evening were Sinéad Lee, Mary Duggan and Conor Lyons. The real winners though were everyone that managed to cross the line before 0:00 was hit. This meant you were going faster than you thought you were.

>> Download all results in excel format

Thanks: to our club members that helped out with marshaling at this event over the last few weeks.


 Shane Scully – 16.55  Cliodhna McGrath – 23.10  Michael Buckley – 23.36
 Oisín Scully – 28.38  Lilly Sheary – 26.01  Ciara Gray – 26.30
 Mary Duggan – 24.55  Ger Carey – 27.55  Pascal Gray – 27.36
 Shane Connolly – 21.10  Clifford Guest – 23.47  Conor Lyons – 17.25
 Marie Moylan – 24.27  Sinéad Lee – 24.40  Kieran O’Brien – 19.59
 John Ryan – 27.09  Bill O’Brien – 20.15  Cathal Donovan – 24.44


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