Nenagh 5K

This week is week 2 of the Nenagh 5K run series. It’s not looking like we will get tanning weather but the rain is warm and looking to clear for 7pm!

This week is count down week. You will all aim to finish at the same time. The clock will count down from about 35mins so you will start at a time with an aim to finish when the clock reaches zero!!

Results from last week:

Deirdre Finn  21:48
Loretto Duggan  21:53
Eoin O’Connor  22:13
John Meagher  21:03
Shane Connolly  21:33
Mark Connolly  21:30
John Leinster  22:12
Paul Scully  22:30
Charlotte Jones  21:17
Cliodhna McGrath  23:50


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