Mizen to Malin: Final Update

All the training has been done. It’s now or never!

With just 1 day to go before we pack up and head down to Mizen, we have the final update. Familiarise yourself with the details of the trip and things will go a lot more smoothly for everyone.

>> Download the Mizen to Malin Plan

Weather: is looking decent for the weekend. Few showers but dry in general. The winds are very light but, as of today’s forecast, it might well be a head wind on day one, turning into a tail wind as the weekend goes by.

Important points

  • Be down in Tescos tomorrow for 2:00pm – please don’t be late.
  • A courier is taking the bikes down to Mizen for us. Cover your bike before loading to prevent damage.
  • There is no need for everyone to bring spare wheels. We will supply the spare wheels, track pumps, spare bike that is needed.
  • There will be just one service van on the road, driven by Bertie. Remember that Bertie is not your personal slave for the weekend. Bertie will be driving with the main group.
  • There are two groups on the road. Both will start at the same time but separate someway down the road. Choose whatever bunch you wish. It is up to you. If you find the pace too quick in the first bunch then ease up and drop back to the main bunch.
  • Anthony and Pat will be calling the shots in the main group so whatever they say goes. It will be a controlled pace – 29km per hour.

This will be a tough task but we will all manage to get through it. Don’t stress about it. The tougher the challenge, the better the memories you will have from the occasion. No matter how tough it gets, we will have a good laugh about it all over a few pints at the end. See ye all tomorrow!!


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