Mizen to Malin Update

For the 20+ riders that are taking on the 240km Mizen to Malin challenge on July 24th, 25th and 26th – take a look at the detailed plan for Thursday and Friday. We have included as much detail as we could think of but if you have any more questions then get in contact via our Facebook page (leave a comment).

Download >> Plan for Thursday / Friday

Final Call – are you in or are you out???? It’s time to make up your mind and commit to the cycle or pull out. Even at this stage we have 3 or 4 people humming and hawing about doing it. Just make up your mind and stick to your decision. We don’t mind what ye do as long as ye just make a decision.

Two groups on the road: the speed in the main group will be strictly controlled. Anthony Sherlock will be calling the shots with this one. At no stage will the pace of this group seem fast. If you want to drive it on then you will be asked to join the faster group on the road. Likely average speeds will be 28km/h for the first group and 30km/h for the second group.

Training: there are still plenty of weeks left to improve your fitness. As far as we can see, everyone will be fine. Just keep plugging away for the next 7 weeks. Try and get two decent cycles in on the weekend and you will be fine. The pace we are holding on our training spins is actually a good bit faster than what we will be doing on the day, so if you can manage those then you will be fine for the real thing.

Support vehicles: there will be two support vehicles on the road with us. One vehicle will be a campervan with toilet facilities if needs be. We will have spare wheels in both vehicles so if you puncture you drop back and put on a new wheel. Stronger lads in the group will pace you back up to the main group. If you are feeling very weak at any stage then you can jump in the van and put your feet up!


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