Mid Week Notes & Club Gear

Training Sessions

We are halfway through the week and so far there has been a super turn out at the club training sessions.

Monday: we had over 40 eager people at our weekly Circuits session with Bertie on Monday. It was great to see some of our Nenagh CC Juniors showing us all up, great stuff lads, hope ye weren’t too sore yesterday.

Tuesday: The morning swim sets are back in action every Tuesday and Thursday and we had 12 brave (albeit sleepy) souls from the club in attendance. It would be great to see more people at these sessions so start getting yer lazy asses up out of the bed!!!! Don’t worry if you miss or can’t make a session,  we have the sessions up on the site weekly so you have no excuse. We are also in t he process of setting up a training page….bear with us!

We also had another fine turn out for our second Tuesday turbo session of the off season. Between 6 and 8:30 we had a number of Senior and Junior club members taking part. We hope you got some benefit out of it. It is a quality session so make the effort to attend it each and every week over the winter months.

We are still on course to break our club weekly training session attendance record. It is fantastic to see such enthusiastic support from newbies and golden oldies alike. Keep up the good work!

So what’s on today….

Our beginner friendly swim is on Wednesday at 8:00pm in the Nenagh Leisure Centre.

We will have 3 lanes in operation – a fast lane, an improver lane and a beginner lane.

Beginner lane – if you are able to swim at least one length of the pool then you will be suitable for this. If you can’t swim at all then you would need to start by getting individual one on one lessons. Last year, we had 10 or so beginner swimmers with most unable to swim for more than one length at a time. Through attending our swim programme from October to April most of those swimmers were eventually able to swim 750m (30 lengths). It wasn’t easy and progress was slow but they got there in the end. We start with the basics and try to improve your stroke / breathing etc a little each week. Bring a positive can-do attitude with you and you will do fine. Shane Scully will be on hand to give advice (abuse!!!!) and training to all beginners who dare to take him on. Don’t worry his bark is worse than his bite!!!!!!

Improver lane – many of our beginner swimmers from last year are now well able to move up into the improver lane. The first few weeks should be pretty easy so don’t be afraid of it.

Fast lane – as the name implies, they go fast.

Cost – coaching is free for club members but you obviously have to pay the €5 entry fee for the pool.

Later in the week

Thursday we will be back in the pool Thursday morning at 6.30. Session is up on the website but would be great to see attendance numbers increase here.

The 2nd in our Thursday Run sessions will be on Thursday evening in the CBS from 6.30. For the time being these will be a return to the basic 400m repeat sessions. This session is suitable for all levels of runner from beginner to advanced. The session is laid out below but don’t let the distances put you off, you do what you can and get what you can from it.  We want to cater for all levels of athlete here and the more the merrier. This session is a great way to build up those running legs for the upcoming season.


Warm-up (3000m) 15 min easy
Main-set (3800m)  1 x 100m build1 x 100m drill       x3        (600m)8 x 400m1min recovery between each   (3200m)
Cool-down (800m) 800m easy
TOTAL 7500m

2015/2016 Membership Fees/Forms

Membership for Nenagh CC and TC (1 covers all!!!) is due for renewal. Just simply download the forms below (either Senior/Junior) and get them back to Maeve Ryan (0879602234) as soon as you can. Give her a buzz if ye have any questions….or complaints about the level of inflation!!!!!

  • Club Membership Form 2016 – Senior / Junior
  • Club membership Fee: seniors €30 / juniors €15

Club Gear

For the CC club there are two types of kit – Elite and Strike. Both are very good quality. For the vast majority of the club the Elite level jersey is more than good enough. If you want something a little bit better then there is the Strike option.

For the TC club there are also 2 options – Elite and Speed. Again both are great quality, the main difference being that the Elite suit has wider shoulder straps than the Speed Tri Suit which is something that was mentioned to us last season. The Elite suit has a slightly heavier material to it.

The club are keen to send in orders to the manufacturer in the next week or so, so if you want to order some club gear then text Kenneth (087) 2028964 with your details before Sunday.

      • Jersey: Elite: €50 Strike €65
      • Shorts: Elite: €58  Strike €75
      • Gilet: Elite: €60
      • Winter Jackets: Elite: €100  Triumph: €115
      • Arm Warmers: €22
      • Tri Suits: Elite: €70 Speed: €90
      • Tri Tops: Elite €40 Speed: €50
      • Tri Bottoms: Elite €40 Speed: €50
      • Junior pricing: Jersey €25 / Shorts €35 (this price is only for junior sizes – many of our juniors are too big for these sizes and will need to purchase senior clothing instead – if you are 13 years and over, you will probably need the senior gear)

TC Gear

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