Marshal Positioning

Thanks to everyone that has kindly volunteered their time to marshal. The success of the event depends on you so we are delighted that once again the club members have turned out in good numbers to support this race. Below you will see whereabouts on the route you are positioned. Make sure to check where you are.

If your name is not included here and it should be: then make sure to text Shane (087)2605743 to let him know. There are still a few junctions that need to be covered so we could do with 4 or 5 more marshals to be completely safe.


Course set-up: Friday

Shane and Gary will be around all day setting up the course out in Dromineer. If you are available at any time of the day to help out for a while then pop out to us when it suits and we will give you a job to do.

Transition Set-up – this is the main job to do. We will have to wait for the car park to clear for this so we are asking people to turn up from 8:30pm onwards to help out.


Race Day: Saturday

Parking: we want our marshals to park in the furthest away car park – go past the front shore and transition and over to the old swings and slides area. If you need to use your car to get to your eventual marshaling sport then park near the Whiskey Still.

Pre-race: as many marshals as are available are needed

  • Course set-up – anybody that can be in Dromineer at 6:00am should try to make it. There are always lots of little jobs to do.
  • Registration – opens at 7:00 – we need 6 volunteers for this.
  • Swim Course set-up – we need to put out the buoys and measure the correct distance. This will be done at 7:30. If you are involved in this then be at the front shore at 7:25.

During the race: All marshals needed. As there are limited parking spaces in Dromineer there is no need for everyone to drive out to Dromineer. The event starts at 9:00 and will be finished at 11:00. If you are needed out in Dromineer for the start then be there early. You should know your position and know what time to be there at. Some people will need to be at their station for longer than others. We will make phone contact with everyone prior to the race start to make sure everyone is at their station – so make sure you have your phone on you!!!! Kevin will be driving the route beforehand to ensure everyone is in the correct position. He will also be the lead car so you will know when the race is coming through. Don’t leave your station until you have been told the last person has passed by!!

Marshaling the Swim & Transition


Marshaling the Bike Course


Marshaling the Run Course


Bring Food – drop off your food to Se├ín in the race tent (beside Neddy’s Cottage in Dromineer), you can also give it to Shane on Friday if you want. Sandwiches, buns, cake, bars, water, coke, wraps or any sort of finger food is most welcome. Think food mountain!

Image of Shane used two years ago – an oldie but a goodie!