Let the Countdown Begin

We hope everyone is enjoying their well earned break from all things triathlon and cycling. The September break is mostly about building up Brownie points with your family, which will be cashed in when we start back again in October. For the lone wolves out there it is a time of despair where we cry into our pillows to get a sleep at night. The return of structured training can’t come soon enough!

Both the Nenagh Triathlon Club and the Nenagh Cycling Club (Nenagh CC) are looking for new members – now’s your chance, so take us up on the offer. We will be starting soon. The countdown has begun!!!!


First training session: Saturday Group Cycle, October 4th at 9:00am – meeting at the pool. Anyone that plans on racing will meet up at the pool at 8:00am for an extra hour. This training session is a combined Nenagh CC and Nenagh Triathlon Club event.

From Monday, October 6th onwards: we will hopefully have a full week of events.

  • swim: the start of this depends on the pool re-opening. There are 3 scheduled swim sessions. All swim sessions will start off at a handy pace as we realise most of ye haven’t been swimming much over the last few months. We will build slowly, so this is an ideal time to start. For those that wish to join us for the first time then the Wednesday evening swim is the most beginner friendly – we will focus a lot more on stroke work at this session.
  • bike: there are two cycling sessions on the timetable. Both are quality sessions and if you commit to doing both of them through the winter then you will have built a great base. The turbo trainer requires a turbo – the club have spares if you want to try it out before buying. The good thing about turbo training is that it is always on as it is not weather dependent and you can never be left behind! Our Saturday sessions, have a wide variety of ability at them. The pace will start off easier and progress as we get closer to race season. There is more of a racing focus in our cycling club, with most members taking part in triathlon or cycling races throughout the year.
  • run: there will be just one run session on each week so it is very important that you make it to this. It takes place in the CBS grounds and is focused on improving your run speed. If you¬† want to improve your speed then these sessions are vital. There will probably be a specific beginner’s run starting very soon – we will make sure to alert people to this.


Morning Evening
Monday 7:00pm Circuit Training in the Running Complex
Tuesday 6:45am Morning Swim 7:30pm Turbo Training in the Running Complex
Wednesday 8:00pm Swim (beginner friendly)
Thursday 6:45am Morning Swim 6:15 Running in the CBS
Friday Day off
Saturday 9:00am Cycle from the Pool (racing cyclists start at 8:00am)
Sunday Race day – or when not racing, cyclists head around the lake.

¬†Bertie’s Bootcamp

This crossfit style training session is ideal for beginners and experienced athletes. Build up the strength you are going to need to race well and stay injury free next summer. Too many of our triathletes neglect the benefits of strength and conditioning.




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